Dance Envy!

Going to the Underground Club so often I get to see the different dances used by the hosts in there.  Brie Janick, who dj’s as well, has some great moves and I kept meaning to ask her where she got them. Brie always looks the business too with her converse boots and leg warmers, typical rock chick character.  I usually join in the line dance bit that has a dance called caramel, which is quite a laugh as we all do the same moves together until one or two of us fall out of sync with slower computers.  I finally got around to asking Brie the other night, where she went for her dances, and she gave me the landmarks.  I went off and tried them all out and bought one called ‘beat one’  a very fast shuffle type dance.  Coming back to the club I couldn’t wait to try it out.



I was enjoying myself as Boone was dj’ing and playing some old stuff, of course you got the usual newbie who thought he would come in just wearing underpants, but it’s all part and parcel of SL and quite funny.  He went straight over and stood next to Seth for some reason, Seth asked him to take a step back but he seemed oblivious, supposed we should be grateful he had his underpants on.


Hibiscus came on line and I was about to call her over to the club and they changed dj’s for the night and the music isn’t really our taste, so I asked her if she wanted to go and try the dances to see if she wanted to get one.  Well what a laugh we had, I’ve never seen Hib move like that before, or me either come to that, we did cartwheels, got our legs up as high as our ears and all sorts as we lept from dance pad to dance pad trying out the variations.





We had such a laugh, both creasing up as we sat at our computers.  Hib didn’t actually buy one, saying she will have a think about it, there are so many to choose from.  I spotted a pole dance thing and even had a go at that, well so funny, so agile as I swung around and around on the pole.  Although I think I’ll leave that to the hosts in the clubs!


We never did find the exact dances Brie uses, but had fun trying them all out!!


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