Girl Pests Hit Town

Things are never quiet for long in SL London and yesterday at the apartments two girl avatars decided to be a thorough nuisance.  Funny when you think of griefers, you tend to think of men doing all the damage, but there have always been lady griefers too, and sometimes they can be worse.  I can’t really call these two griefers though, as all they did was let themselves into all the apartments and dish out verbal abuse.  Their names were Jenn and Hannah, Hannah being the one who looked like a child avatar and when I heard her voice she sounded as if she may have been about 12 years old. What was a shame about Hannah though, was she thought it was funny to swear, and I mean the worst, the c word over and over, I hope her mum wasn’t watching what she was typing into her computer.  Jenn said she was Hannah’s real life friend, and seemed ok in comparison.  I thought about ejecting them, but then decided to call Seany as he was back after having trouble with his internet over the last few days.  So he came over and then I realised that Elizabetta and Jaine across the way had also been invaded my these two little demons.




Seany did see them out of the apartments and they went over the square where I followed them out of interest, just to see what they were getting up to.  They played on the swings for a while and I had a little chat with Jenn and asked her if she had another avatar and she told me that both her and Hannah had.  Jenn said she had been in SL for 5 years and Hannah for 1.   Well I doubt she was telling me the truth as she could not fly properly and seemed quite a novice at that, but I would say they probably did have other identities as their rez day was the same day on their profiles which was yesterday.


Well back they came to the apartments and Jaine called Clive over to get rid of them.  Clive did try to eject them and they were gone for a short while, but back Jenn and Hannah came and I had a bit more of a chat with Jenn.  I think it’s a pity that Jenn can’t ditch Hannah and think for herself, although I have a feeling that they should both be on the teen grid.   A little later it was a little more intriguing as they assembled on one of the boats below with an older av called Mikael and another newbie called Mark, now as I was a little way away I could only see that they were communicating in a friendly sort of way and Mikael in fact, did not bother even looking at them but scanned the apartments as they stood at the back of him.  A little later Mark and another newbie girl similar to Hannah started to try to annoy people in the apartments again, so it looks like a little gang of people who all know each other.  I love a bit of intrigue and I suppose life would be pretty boring without these stupid avs, but we will wait and see if they come back again.





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