Crazy Golf and Police Gear

When I logged on yesterday I had seen a notice from the London team saying there was a ‘crazy golf course’ in Hyde Park that had just opened.  My mate Hibiscus had beaten me to it, she had already had a go on it and had written a story too (later to appear in Virtually London (Lite)), so I went over for a look.  Hib was still over there and she showed me how to play the game. 



What a laugh we had, it did take a bit of skill and I kept getting penalties for walking ahead of where the ball was, not that I had much choice in the little areas you had to hit the ball in.  I either hit it too hard and it ended up in the reeds or I hardly hit it at all and stayed in one place for about 3 goes.  It was funny and the sort of thing you could do now and again for a laugh.   Hibiscus had to go to rl and I decided to practice a bit.  The thing is though, that this is near where the newbies come in and straight away I got a newbie asking me how you play it. I tried to explain how he got the golf club and ball, but after a good ten minutes of him not getting it because of my lousy instructions, he gave up and went away and I did the same before the next newbie came along!!



After the golf I decided to look all around SL London, which I do quite a bit, to see if I can pick up any stories for the London blog.  There had been a wonderful shop in Mayfair run by Gerr Finesmith, he used to make all types of uniforms and it was the highest quality stuff you could imagine.  Gerr is busy with real life now and only pops back occasionally, so his shop closed, but I did buy a police woman’s uniform before it did close.  His stuff is truly amazing, you got the uniform with all the bits and pieces including police radio etc and even a female avatar if you wanted to use it too, all this for only 200 Lindens and then a discount on top for SL London residents.  I hope Gerr opens his shop again, as I would give him all the publicity I can.  Anyway with my posh uniform including reflector jacket I set off around London to enforce law in the rowdy streets!! (only kidding!!!)





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