Easter Eggs Galore!!!

I should have gone over and looked a couple of days ago, but I decided to go and see what Bunny Jam 2009 was all about yesterday.  It was a grand display of the most  beautiful Easter eggs imaginable and you could go in for a contest to win a sim for a year.   I did fill out the contest form in hopes, well you never know, someone has to win it!  just imagine a whole sim for a year, goodness knows what I’d do with it, but it would be fantastic.  I had a good look around all the egg exhibits and it seem like a lot had been made by Mia Linden and she had loads of different designs including a little tower with an egg shaped middle that you could climb into.  If I’d have thought I would have asked her for one of her eggs as well as one of her bears, but she was nowhere to be seen.  I sat on the very wall Humpty Dumpty fell off of and even landed inside an egg only to be disappointed that there was no chocolate in there!!   I had a rest on a giant flower where they had kindly left a book for me to read, regretfully the contents were way above my head, so I moved on after a short while.   You could sit on the giant bunny rabbits that looked really cute and the whole thing was beautifully done.   There had been an egg decorating contest and it looked like they had had more than enough people going in for it, making the most amazing eggs.  Here are the pictures below, please excuse the amount of shots but it was all so lovely that I even had to dispose of some and not use them all as I took so many!!














My favourite egg was the last picture, the little fairy style carriage, so sweet, well I enjoyed having a look around and what a lot of work people had put into it all, I’m glad I went there!!


2 Responses to Easter Eggs Galore!!!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    What gorgeous eggs! The pictures are beautiful, too, I am sorry I missed the Bunny Jam. Thanks so much for posting these pictures.

  2. Thanks Hib, I wished you had been on line to come with me, I was just looking in the showcase stuff and managed to catch it as it was the last day! Those eggs were beautiful and the surprising thing was that there was hardly any lag, which made it even better.

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