Aerobreeze for a little peace and solitude

I have been doing a bit more exploring on my own, as pals Hibiscus, Pixi and Drax have been very busy in real life at the moment, I’m looking forward to showing them some of the new places I have found!!  I have been looking down the Hotspot places and decided to pay Aerobreeze a visit, and to be honest I’m still not sure what it’s all about.   I arrived in a pretty desolate landscape up to my knees in water.  There was a nice ambiance about the place though and I decided to look at some of the objects scattered around the small sandy islands connected by water.  First thing I found was a bath with some lighted candles floating in it, so I got in, (fully clothed!!) and sat there trying not to catch my hair alight.  It was nice and relaxing though with the pretty twinkling light above adding some magic.



Feeling a bit soggy I got up out of the bath and made my way over to a sand castle, clicking on the poseball I started to smooth the sandcastle walls and sat admiring my work. 


I spotted a few transparent orbs in the distance so went to explore and sat on them to look at the view.



I saw a hermit crab shell and a table and chairs in the distance too, so just walked across the waist high waters till I reached them.



Funny thing was, out of the 68,000 people on line at the time I bumped into Latok Neumann, a fellow CNN ireporter, at the site and I said hello. Latok told me that this site was an art thing, and I can see what she means, it is sort of a peaceful place to be and kinda nice, not too much going on, but then I may have missed some bits.  The Hotspot info says ‘Aerobreeze spend some time on the water in this beautiful fantasy land’  Go and see what you think of it!!


2 Responses to Aerobreeze for a little peace and solitude

  1. Graine Macbain says:

    Do you know what happened to Aerobreeze, Janey? It’s greyed out on the map and I can’t TP there.

  2. Hello Graine,

    You are right it is gone, I ‘Googled’ and found this page about it
    It is a shame it has closed and I suppose nothing is permanent in SL, but it’s nice that we had a chance to go there!

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