Sweet Max

I had a lovely surprise from Drax the other night.  He teleported me to a shop and said he wanted to buy me a pet, what a lovely gift!!  There were little dogs and cats all curled up in baskets and waiting for people to take them home.  It was a hard decision to pick one as they were all so cute, but in the end I picked a little Siamese cat.  I have named him Max and he is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, especially for a pixel pet!!



Max is full of mischief and so funny, you can get him to play by chasing a ball of twine, he follows me about and sits at my feet looking up and talking to me (cat meows!!) and you can feed him from a bowl and even bath him. 



Max jumps up for a hug and looks really cute, he can travel on your shoulder or arm if you want him to.   If you set him down and let him roam he eventually falls alseep, so sweet!! even when I am off on my travels he just roams around the apartment looking after the place till I get back!!  Thank you Drax, Max is a treasure, I love him!!!




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