Max settles in!!

Funny having the little cat Max running around the house, I didn’t realise at first that you have to look after him properly to make him grow.  Being a previous owner of a tamagotchi dog, the little keyring sized game where you had to keep the animal alive by feeding it etc on time, I should have realised that Max would need some loving care too!!  First thing I have learned is how to feed him, he has a massive bowl of cereal and eats the lot of it.



Then he has to have a bath, gets suds everywhere, but he does look cute!!



You can leave him in your home to roam free and he will sleep most of the time, but I just couldn’t shake him the other day, I set him to roam then teleported downstairs to the street only to find that he came with me!!  I decided to go for a stroll and he kept up with me, well I had to keep stopping, but there he was running along side me and it looked really funny.  I even crossed a sim and he still followed.  Also I couldn’t get him to jump into my arms the other night, but he has done this now so I can carry him if I need to.  He’s turning out to be a great little pet!!




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