CNN Aerdrome Outing!

It was a bit of a lively CNN meeting last night, gradually people arrived and quite a few including Nicole, the CNN reporter, use voice now and I’m not sure if this is good or bad, as you get mics breaking up a bit, or people who talk more than others, but then you always had that problem with text chat with everyone chipping in.  One of the guys who arrived said he was making a video of the meeting and wanted to interview Nicole and Henry the other real reporter.  I will be interested to see if this happens, as I’m not sure they would want to do an interview with ireporters.  The guy, Jason,  hasn’t even been in SL very long, and I’m not saying he shouldn’t go for it, because if thats what he wants to do, that’s fine, but will the real reporters agree to being interviewed by someone who is a complete novice at SL and reporting,  I can’t wait to see if they agree and what it turns out like!  I’m also looking forward to his video that he said he was filming.  We all went off to Abbotts Aerdrome halfway through the meeting, well a few of us did, and Nicole told us all to look around with a view to doing some ireports.




I looked around and plonked myself into a couple of nice planes there, to be honest it’s not my sort of thing, but it’s very well done and the models are lovely, I bet a lot of people enjoy themselves who go there.  I can imagine a lot of the men avatars would really like it.



One of the good things at the Aerdrome is the SkyDive platform.  I’ve done skydiving before and got my terrachute on all ready, took off on the platform, then couldn’t remember the word you have to type in chat to get the chute to open, silly me!!! started plummeting to virtual earth at a high speed.  Cheated though and touched my Fly button, so landed softly among all the others without making a complete fool of myself!! don’t think they noticed, hehe!!



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