Funny Little Max!!

May 31, 2009

I usually leave little Max the siamese kitten wandering about in my apartment in SL Chelsea.  He is happy to be left and sleeps a lot when I’m not there.  Sometimes I have just gone down to the pavement outside and find he has followed me though, even if I order him to stay upstairs.  Well he must have done that the other day and I had not noticed him, so I logged off.  When I got back on the next day I had a message from one of the London team, xstorm, asking if I had lost my kitten.  Max was knowhere to be seen in the apartment, so I called him and next thing he was there.    Seany appeared outside and I went down to talk to him and xstorm.  Apparently the kitten had been in the street all the time walking about and sometimes sleeping, how cute!!  they said they had been keeping an eye on him for me.

M main

Tonight I decided to take him out on my shoulder for a change and I went into Knightsbridge where I met Drax for a chat.   We soon got chatting to Cleo, Auti, Hot and Das as well.  Das appeared as a Magpie avatar and he was hopping around in front of me.  Max only being little hid under my hair and refused to come out!!  I do resist picking him up normally as the scripting doesn’t seem to work for me to put him down again, or perhaps he just likes being carrried, who knows!!!  Thanks Drax, Max is a wonderful present and has a mind of his own!!!

M in street


Nice to Honour Friends

May 29, 2009

H mainThere is one good thing about writing on the internet, you can not only write little bits and pieces that you think will interest other people who love to read about SL, but you can tell your friends how much you appreciate them too.   I had been planning to do a feature on my  best friend and co writer Hibiscus Hastings for some time as she works so hard in real life and SL and I wanted to let her know how much she is valued.  So yesterday I finally got around to writing a spotlight on her for Virtually London (lite).

Saying that,  I am growing increasingly worried about another friend and reporter, Pixi, as I she hasn’t been in SL for a while, she has had real life reasons and had kept in touch, but if you are reading this Pixi perhaps you can drop me another email just to let me know that you are ok.  Hibiscus and I both miss you  lots and are looking forward to seeing you!!! You brighten our day Pixi!!!

I had intended to catch the CNN meeting this week, just to listen in, but it was cancelled on the day which was a shame, they seem to have quite a few new names writing for them, so I suppose they are happy just having the earlier meeting, which unfortunately interferes with my real life, so I can’t make that one.  No idea if they are having a meeting in the second slot next week, but there you go.

It looks like a really good night tonight in SL London, the Underground Club are having a Medieval night (knight!!) so I was busy yesterday making a hat for the occasion, I have a dress I think will do, but I will be  taking pictures and working more than entering the contest so I hope the lag isn’t too bad!  I am looking forward to it though!!

Visiting another Hotspot

May 23, 2009

I tend to have a look at the SL Showcase stuff most days and see if there are any new places to explore.  As I looked at a place called Dance Island yesterday, which had 65 green dots meaning it was packed with avatars, I realised that only a handful of them were moving! This may be the largest amount of bots that I’ve seen, I can’t be totally sure, but they just stood still all the time I was there, and it felt very odd.  My friend Hibiscus Hastings came on line and I sent her a teleport, she thought the same as me, that all was not right with the sim.  They should have called it Stand About Island and not Dance Island!!   We decided to find  another hotspot to look at and Hibiscus picked a place called ‘Unintended Water’.  So we teleported over to a lush island, very prettily done.  the first thing I spotted was a grand piano, jumped on it and played a few notes.  A tree house was in the distance, so getting up from the piano I followed Hib to the staircase.

a H

a h hib balcony 1

a h gallery

a h flowers with Hib

Inside the tree house there were photographs, an exhibition, with some nice work, so  we had a quick look around then scurried down the steps back out into the long grass and flowers.  We both had to go back to real life for a short while and I said goodbye to Hib.  When I logged back on I came back to the same location and thought I would look around a bit more before departing.   I spotted a house over the other side of the island and wasn’t too sure if it was part of the showcase or if someone lived in it.  there was a strange inscription outside the front door about not letting yourself be bullied, so I thought it may be part of the places you could visit, but when I tried to door it said access denied, so I am sorry if I was trying to enter someone’s private residence!!

a h house

a h bully sign

Going back to the centre of the island I did spot a few pieces of sculpture and some very nice water features that I had not seen the first time around.  It is a nice place to visit, but like so many hotspots now, there isn’t much mystery and intrigue with these sites.  People have gone to so much trouble, but they could make things a little more interesting with some hidden objects to find, or some caves with scary bits to explore.  The art is nice, but so many sims seem to depend on this sort of thing now.

a h bust

a h waterfall

a h ballerina

a h waterspray

I finally ended up by the water’s edge and found a meditation place with a religious figure, he was only two dimensional though, and had the same image of the front of him both sides, I did try the meditation for a few minutes before leaving, thought it might calm me down before I try another hotspot!!

a h budda

From Pirates to Pulpits!!

May 19, 2009

I had to decide fast what to wear the night before last, there was a theme night at the Underground club and it was to be Pirates and Wenches.  I had gone out and looked in a few shops, but I had some costumes that I could take bits and pieces from to make a Wench outfit, so that’s what I did in the end.  I chose to put my hair up for that slightly scruffy wench look.

A P 1

The club was absolutely packed and it was hard to move with the lag, it was a colourful sight though, as everyone was dressed up and the club itself, decorated by Seany and TXBarbara, looked fantastic.

a p 2

a p 3

At the end of the event, Hibiscus had to go back to real life and I felt like a wander around somewhere I hadn’t been before.  Hib often talks about a sim called Victoriana, a beautiful copy of Victorian London, so as I already had my hair scooped up I decided to don the only Victorian dress I have and go over for a look.

a p 4

Hib was right, the place is really well done and I walked about and ended up sitting in a pub when another girl appeared and spoke to me.  Her name was Mina and she was very beautiful. 

a p 5 bar

a p 6 Min

Mina said that she had come to the sim looking for a church, as she had heard there was a service there and did I want to go with her to find it.  Well, at a loose end, I agreed and we set off up the road until we found the church.  Going through the door we could see the vicar at the far end and some ladies down the front rows.  We sat at the back.

a p 7 aisle

a p 8 plant

a p 9 ladies

Mina and I spoke in IM while the vicar gave his sermon, he was a dedicated man it seemed, talking about people talking ‘in tongues’ and it was all very serious, even for SL.  I wonder if he is a vicar in real life too?  Mina told me it was her first time in the sim as well, and although, like me she wasn’t particularly religious, she had come to see what was going on.  As we were talking I suddenly had my screen freeze and SL being SL I crashed, leaving Mina to the rest of the service.  It was a strange night going from pirates to pulpits but SL is never dull!!

a p 10 me min

Dance Chim

May 17, 2009

I noticed last night how quiet SL was, particularly in SL London, although the Gateway in Hyde Park was quite busy, there was a shout on the SL London messages asking for a greeter to go there because of trouble.  I dashed over to see what was happening and there was a largish crowd around a newbie with a girl asking him to get dressed.  Apparently he had turned abusive and had sworn at her as he stood there in his underpants, although he may have just put those on before I arrived, I’m not too sure.  I didn’t get involved just watched as a trainee greeter turned up and gave him the boot out of the area.  I had been to Ahern just before this and it was quiet there too, I did here them talking about the Eurovision Song Contest on tv though, they were watching it as they were logged on, perhaps that’s why SL was so empty, congratulations to Norway for winning by the way!!  I went over to Knightsbridge as I could see two people in the club, when I got there it was Brie and TXBarbara, other than that the club was empty.  Brie was dj’ing and Barb hosting there, Brie asked me if I wanted to dance and off we went.  She has a thing called a Dance Chim which means she can animate my avatar so we dance together making all the same moves. I love it, it’s lots of fun.

dan 1

dan 2

Brie had a new pair of glasses on and looked really great, she always has this knack of dressing  really well and always looks so smart, Barb too always looks good and she does a fantastic job of hosting in the club.

dan 3

dan 4

dan 5

Very gradually the club filled up with people and in the end it was it’s usual packed self.  Hibiscus came on too and we had a chat, but by then it was very late for me and I had to log for the night.

CNN Mix Up

May 13, 2009

It’s been a bit depressing over the last few days with the CNN stuff.  I had a message from fellow ireporter Vickie Maidstone telling me that all the SL irporters have been stripped of their Super Star status.  Not that this means much, but it’s very insulting if you have been posting your articles every week without change and CNN suddenly take you down from the only recognisable reward system (although like I said before it doesn’t really mean anything other than a label).  Being hot headed I instantly took offence and decided there and then never to write for them again, after all we do all this for free and to be honest I couldn’t understand it at  all.  I emailed Henry Hanks one of the CNN reporters to ask him why and Henry passed my email on to David Williams the manager there.  David wrote back and said that they had been playing with the computer system and it was a robotic decision as the new stats kicked in.  Well I thought this was really unfair, they even have my stuff still displayed on the island.

c ir me

c ir pol

c ir aut

I wrote back and said that Iwould not post any more, but they said they are trying to alter stuff and to come to the next meeting because David would be there for the first time ‘in-world’ to try to explain things.  Henry’s meeting was the first one yesterday and I had to tell him that I couldn’t make it because of real life stuff, which is a shame as his meetings are just badly timed for me, it’s a time when I really can’t be around in SL.  I did go to the second meeting with Nicole and David was there as the guest. fellow reporters Hibiscus, Any1 and Mincedclip were there, plus a couple of the new people. 

c ir group

As Nicole ran through the previous week’s stories everyone seemed to be a bit quiet.  I had sent her and David a note with some questions on it regarding the system and David got up to speak to us all.  He explained that they had done away with the  rating system (where people rate with stars), because it upset a lot of people and he thought that this had taken people like me off the super star status.  The star rating system had always been a bit of a sham, I know that people were putting their own stars on because they were there a minute after they posted, plus I had a lovely person who used to single my stuff out and put one star on it for some reason only known to her, but then she had a thing about SL ireporters as she used to make nasty comments on all of our work.  Anyway CNN have rightly taken that away so it can’t be abused.  I got the impression that they are really trying to make this right now and told us that they are working on it all the time to improve things.  It was unusual for their Manager to come in-world to try to sort this out so we will wait and see.  Hibiscus is right when she says that we have a personal relationship with the reporters unlike the others.  We do, we have worked together for the last 18 months and it’s a shame to let it all go.  Anyway I will see what happens now.

New Temporary Office

May 11, 2009

New Office main

I looked all over the SL Kensington sim for a new office, albeit temporary for now, and found a gorgeous Terrace, one of the great big GeorgianTerrace houses, very spacious inside and nice and bright.  I asked manager Nijel if we could move in and he agreed we could, so I set about building a few bNew Office outsideits.  I made some period type desks, my textures were a bit limited but they are usable for now.  I got a picture off the internet (John Constable’s White Horse) and put the picture above the fireplace.  I cheated and went out and bought some chairs, they are really nice though, and worth the money.  I did make the laptops, which I’m quite proud of and I think Hibiscus and Pixie will like the office, at least I hope so.  People have been dropping in to chat and it’s probably what Kensington needs, a bit more going on, Nijel is busy doing a lot of new builds there, and it will probably be lovely when it’s done.  A few more of the Terrace Houses would be nice, I think they would make  lovely homes as well as Offices.