Lots of Clubbing!!

One of the really nice things in SL is the clubs, if you get one or two that play the sort of music you like and the crowd are nice, you’ve cracked it for a great night out in the virtual world!!  It would probably seem strange to people who have never tried SL to understand, but you can have such a lot of fun not only trying out all the dances but chatting as well. I usually pop into the Underground Club in SL Knightsbridge sometime during the evening to see who is there and what’s going on and it’s really good as I know the majority of the people now, and they really make the effort to make everyone welcome.  Friend Ruskin Thor has become quite a dj over the last few months and he has spread his wings a bit outside of SL London and dj’s at another couple of venues.  This week was the first time I had managed to get to one of his new gigs.  It was a club called Braveheart and a massive place inside, Rus had decided to have a best dressed spaceman night and for the life of me, I couldn’t find anything like that to wear, so opted for my jeans.  When I got there with Hibiscus I could see that there were lots of different outfits so that was ok.




Rus was down dancing with the rest of us as well as dj’ing, I have no idea how he kept up, but he did a really good job and his music was getting everyone in the mood.





The only thing is, that sometimes you get more than one event happening at the same time, and tonight will be a problem, as there is a great ‘do’ going on at the Underground Club and I’ve also got an invite to the 2nd Anniversary of Prim Perfect Magazine bash, which should be really lovely.  I will try to drop into the UGC for a while as I don’t want to miss what’s going on, they are having the Best in Beach Wear contest, so there should be some funny sights!!


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