Prim Perfect Party and Beachy UGC

Had two invitations to two events that I didn’t want to miss last Saturday.  The first one was from Saffia Widdershins, the owner/editor of fabulous Prim Perfect Magazine.  Saffia was holding a Fantasy Ball to celebrate the magazine’s second birthday.  The other event was at the London Underground Club, they had arranged a beach party and everyone was to turn up in beach wear to win some prizes.  I went out shopping for a fantasy outfit and ended up buying a dress from Barerose that I had actually always fancied, it’s called Lady of the Deer and it comes complete with Deer horns, lol!!  Well it’s a nice dress without the horns so I can wear it again!!  Hibiscus came over to the Prim Perfect party for a short while and everyone looked fantastic.   Saffia really looked gorgeous, she was dressed as a fairy all in white, quite the bel of the ball!!!  CNN have given some of us video making capabilities this week (sort of moving slide show!) as a little experiment and I did a short little video of the party for CNN, you can see it at   




Saffia’s party was lovely with everyone turning up in their fancy dress outfits and it was a hard decision to leave, but I had to get back to the club as I told Brie I would be there.  What a sight greeted me, all the people I know exposing their avatar bodies in their swimsuits and the club was buzzing, with 46 people at one stage, quite a lot for a sim!! 


Hibiscus and I were chatting and we decided that we had to get a picture of Clive Hissop who was, in our opinion, the Beach boy of the night!!!  Clive never, ever dresses up for the competitions in there, he is usually all dressed in his black leather looking very handsome, but for once he did put on the clothes for the occasion and Hib and I think he looked great!! So Clive you can threaten to sue me for printing this picture, but you should be grateful the News of the World never got it!!!


DJ Gen was the dj of the night and she did a great job with a lot of summer and Beach Boy tunes, it was so good that I didn’t want to log off when it was really late, I hope they do some more of those evenings, everyone loved it!!!


2 Responses to Prim Perfect Party and Beachy UGC

  1. Drax Ember says:

    The beachwear party sounds like loads of fun! I hope they do it again on a night that I can go!!!!

  2. It was really brilliant, a real good night, and I hope they do have another one. Can’t wait to see you in your Bermuda shorts and flip flops hehe!!!

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