Goodbye Office and Great Beach Party

I got a call from my old boss Nikk Huet yesterday saying that the rent had run out on the DMGT building in SL Kensington and I had to collect all my stuff as they were going to gut the inside of the building on the floors above ground level.  It was with lots of sadness that Hibiscus and I went over there to collect our bits and pieces.



It had been a year since I got the Assistant Editor job with Nikk and then on to Editor and now I run the blog myself, a lot has happened really in a short time.  Hib, Pixi and me loved our office though, and it was a bit emotional yesterday to hear that they were taking it down.  Nijel, the Kensington Manager contacted me and said I could pick an office anywhere in Kensington to move to temporarily for now.  He said if I liked a building in real London I could choose that for this next build and we would then use it as a permanent office, so I will have to start looking today for a base.


After sorting our stuff out in the office it was time for a bit of fun.  Ruskin Thor was having one of his House Party events and it was to be a beach wear one.  So Hib and I changed into some summer gear and headed over to the Braveheart  Club.  Drax made it for a little while too and he had a striking pair of blue swimming trunks on and we all danced around in the beach setting to Rus’s great music.



Hib and Drax had to go off for their dinner and I stayed for a little while longer.  It was nice seeing Eliza Janus again, I hadn’t seen Eliza for a while  and she looked great.  The only thing was though, that SL was playing tricks on me and I could only see grey where Eliza’s top bit of her outfit should have been.  It was worse for Hib though as she could only see Drax as a cloud and that had been over two nights, so she missed the stunning blue swimming trunks!!!



One Response to Goodbye Office and Great Beach Party

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    It was sad saying good-bye to the old office, it was a special place for us and I have many happy memories.
    It was nice having the beach party to go to afterwards and I am so glad, Janey, that you posted pictures, as I finally got to see Drax! I was beginning to think he was going to be a cloud for the rest of my SL days.

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