New Temporary Office

New Office main

I looked all over the SL Kensington sim for a new office, albeit temporary for now, and found a gorgeous Terrace, one of the great big GeorgianTerrace houses, very spacious inside and nice and bright.  I asked manager Nijel if we could move in and he agreed we could, so I set about building a few bNew Office outsideits.  I made some period type desks, my textures were a bit limited but they are usable for now.  I got a picture off the internet (John Constable’s White Horse) and put the picture above the fireplace.  I cheated and went out and bought some chairs, they are really nice though, and worth the money.  I did make the laptops, which I’m quite proud of and I think Hibiscus and Pixie will like the office, at least I hope so.  People have been dropping in to chat and it’s probably what Kensington needs, a bit more going on, Nijel is busy doing a lot of new builds there, and it will probably be lovely when it’s done.  A few more of the Terrace Houses would be nice, I think they would make  lovely homes as well as Offices.


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