CNN Mix Up

It’s been a bit depressing over the last few days with the CNN stuff.  I had a message from fellow ireporter Vickie Maidstone telling me that all the SL irporters have been stripped of their Super Star status.  Not that this means much, but it’s very insulting if you have been posting your articles every week without change and CNN suddenly take you down from the only recognisable reward system (although like I said before it doesn’t really mean anything other than a label).  Being hot headed I instantly took offence and decided there and then never to write for them again, after all we do all this for free and to be honest I couldn’t understand it at  all.  I emailed Henry Hanks one of the CNN reporters to ask him why and Henry passed my email on to David Williams the manager there.  David wrote back and said that they had been playing with the computer system and it was a robotic decision as the new stats kicked in.  Well I thought this was really unfair, they even have my stuff still displayed on the island.

c ir me

c ir pol

c ir aut

I wrote back and said that Iwould not post any more, but they said they are trying to alter stuff and to come to the next meeting because David would be there for the first time ‘in-world’ to try to explain things.  Henry’s meeting was the first one yesterday and I had to tell him that I couldn’t make it because of real life stuff, which is a shame as his meetings are just badly timed for me, it’s a time when I really can’t be around in SL.  I did go to the second meeting with Nicole and David was there as the guest. fellow reporters Hibiscus, Any1 and Mincedclip were there, plus a couple of the new people. 

c ir group

As Nicole ran through the previous week’s stories everyone seemed to be a bit quiet.  I had sent her and David a note with some questions on it regarding the system and David got up to speak to us all.  He explained that they had done away with the  rating system (where people rate with stars), because it upset a lot of people and he thought that this had taken people like me off the super star status.  The star rating system had always been a bit of a sham, I know that people were putting their own stars on because they were there a minute after they posted, plus I had a lovely person who used to single my stuff out and put one star on it for some reason only known to her, but then she had a thing about SL ireporters as she used to make nasty comments on all of our work.  Anyway CNN have rightly taken that away so it can’t be abused.  I got the impression that they are really trying to make this right now and told us that they are working on it all the time to improve things.  It was unusual for their Manager to come in-world to try to sort this out so we will wait and see.  Hibiscus is right when she says that we have a personal relationship with the reporters unlike the others.  We do, we have worked together for the last 18 months and it’s a shame to let it all go.  Anyway I will see what happens now.


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