Dance Chim

I noticed last night how quiet SL was, particularly in SL London, although the Gateway in Hyde Park was quite busy, there was a shout on the SL London messages asking for a greeter to go there because of trouble.  I dashed over to see what was happening and there was a largish crowd around a newbie with a girl asking him to get dressed.  Apparently he had turned abusive and had sworn at her as he stood there in his underpants, although he may have just put those on before I arrived, I’m not too sure.  I didn’t get involved just watched as a trainee greeter turned up and gave him the boot out of the area.  I had been to Ahern just before this and it was quiet there too, I did here them talking about the Eurovision Song Contest on tv though, they were watching it as they were logged on, perhaps that’s why SL was so empty, congratulations to Norway for winning by the way!!  I went over to Knightsbridge as I could see two people in the club, when I got there it was Brie and TXBarbara, other than that the club was empty.  Brie was dj’ing and Barb hosting there, Brie asked me if I wanted to dance and off we went.  She has a thing called a Dance Chim which means she can animate my avatar so we dance together making all the same moves. I love it, it’s lots of fun.

dan 1

dan 2

Brie had a new pair of glasses on and looked really great, she always has this knack of dressing  really well and always looks so smart, Barb too always looks good and she does a fantastic job of hosting in the club.

dan 3

dan 4

dan 5

Very gradually the club filled up with people and in the end it was it’s usual packed self.  Hibiscus came on too and we had a chat, but by then it was very late for me and I had to log for the night.


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