Visiting another Hotspot

I tend to have a look at the SL Showcase stuff most days and see if there are any new places to explore.  As I looked at a place called Dance Island yesterday, which had 65 green dots meaning it was packed with avatars, I realised that only a handful of them were moving! This may be the largest amount of bots that I’ve seen, I can’t be totally sure, but they just stood still all the time I was there, and it felt very odd.  My friend Hibiscus Hastings came on line and I sent her a teleport, she thought the same as me, that all was not right with the sim.  They should have called it Stand About Island and not Dance Island!!   We decided to find  another hotspot to look at and Hibiscus picked a place called ‘Unintended Water’.  So we teleported over to a lush island, very prettily done.  the first thing I spotted was a grand piano, jumped on it and played a few notes.  A tree house was in the distance, so getting up from the piano I followed Hib to the staircase.

a H

a h hib balcony 1

a h gallery

a h flowers with Hib

Inside the tree house there were photographs, an exhibition, with some nice work, so  we had a quick look around then scurried down the steps back out into the long grass and flowers.  We both had to go back to real life for a short while and I said goodbye to Hib.  When I logged back on I came back to the same location and thought I would look around a bit more before departing.   I spotted a house over the other side of the island and wasn’t too sure if it was part of the showcase or if someone lived in it.  there was a strange inscription outside the front door about not letting yourself be bullied, so I thought it may be part of the places you could visit, but when I tried to door it said access denied, so I am sorry if I was trying to enter someone’s private residence!!

a h house

a h bully sign

Going back to the centre of the island I did spot a few pieces of sculpture and some very nice water features that I had not seen the first time around.  It is a nice place to visit, but like so many hotspots now, there isn’t much mystery and intrigue with these sites.  People have gone to so much trouble, but they could make things a little more interesting with some hidden objects to find, or some caves with scary bits to explore.  The art is nice, but so many sims seem to depend on this sort of thing now.

a h bust

a h waterfall

a h ballerina

a h waterspray

I finally ended up by the water’s edge and found a meditation place with a religious figure, he was only two dimensional though, and had the same image of the front of him both sides, I did try the meditation for a few minutes before leaving, thought it might calm me down before I try another hotspot!!

a h budda


3 Responses to Visiting another Hotspot

  1. Ferinannnd says:

    Спасибо, интересно было прочитать.

  2. Drax Ember says:

    I agree with Ferinannnd!

  3. hi Ferinannnd, thanks for your comment and
    Drax thanks for agreeing with him (I think!!)

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