Nice to Honour Friends

H mainThere is one good thing about writing on the internet, you can not only write little bits and pieces that you think will interest other people who love to read about SL, but you can tell your friends how much you appreciate them too.   I had been planning to do a feature on my  best friend and co writer Hibiscus Hastings for some time as she works so hard in real life and SL and I wanted to let her know how much she is valued.  So yesterday I finally got around to writing a spotlight on her for Virtually London (lite).

Saying that,  I am growing increasingly worried about another friend and reporter, Pixi, as I she hasn’t been in SL for a while, she has had real life reasons and had kept in touch, but if you are reading this Pixi perhaps you can drop me another email just to let me know that you are ok.  Hibiscus and I both miss you  lots and are looking forward to seeing you!!! You brighten our day Pixi!!!

I had intended to catch the CNN meeting this week, just to listen in, but it was cancelled on the day which was a shame, they seem to have quite a few new names writing for them, so I suppose they are happy just having the earlier meeting, which unfortunately interferes with my real life, so I can’t make that one.  No idea if they are having a meeting in the second slot next week, but there you go.

It looks like a really good night tonight in SL London, the Underground Club are having a Medieval night (knight!!) so I was busy yesterday making a hat for the occasion, I have a dress I think will do, but I will be  taking pictures and working more than entering the contest so I hope the lag isn’t too bad!  I am looking forward to it though!!


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