Funny Little Max!!

I usually leave little Max the siamese kitten wandering about in my apartment in SL Chelsea.  He is happy to be left and sleeps a lot when I’m not there.  Sometimes I have just gone down to the pavement outside and find he has followed me though, even if I order him to stay upstairs.  Well he must have done that the other day and I had not noticed him, so I logged off.  When I got back on the next day I had a message from one of the London team, xstorm, asking if I had lost my kitten.  Max was knowhere to be seen in the apartment, so I called him and next thing he was there.    Seany appeared outside and I went down to talk to him and xstorm.  Apparently the kitten had been in the street all the time walking about and sometimes sleeping, how cute!!  they said they had been keeping an eye on him for me.

M main

Tonight I decided to take him out on my shoulder for a change and I went into Knightsbridge where I met Drax for a chat.   We soon got chatting to Cleo, Auti, Hot and Das as well.  Das appeared as a Magpie avatar and he was hopping around in front of me.  Max only being little hid under my hair and refused to come out!!  I do resist picking him up normally as the scripting doesn’t seem to work for me to put him down again, or perhaps he just likes being carrried, who knows!!!  Thanks Drax, Max is a wonderful present and has a mind of his own!!!

M in street


2 Responses to Funny Little Max!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    He’s the cutest pet in all of SL!!! Prettu smart as well if he was able to fend for himself while you were away!!

  2. Yes he is so cute, I tell him to stay now and he lays on his back and goes to sleep, so sweet!! Thank you for getting him for me, he’s the best present ever!!

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