A 99 On Brighton Pier!!!

June 25, 2009

I do love to be beside the seaside!! always have!and always loved New Brighton!!!  So it was with a great deal of joy that I spotted New Brighton Pier in the Showcase stuff in SL and thought I would take a look.  Well I was gobsmacked!! what a wonderful place, the detail is just excellent and it is so much like the real New Brighton that it is amazing!!  I landed on the entrance to the pier and spotted an ice cream vendor, so I got myself a large (and it was large!!) 99 cone (for my American friends a 99 cone is a vanilla ice cream cone with a flake (chocolate bar) sticking out of it, although you don’t have to have vanilla, any flavour with do, but it has to have the flake!).

a Bright from afar

a bright cone

I looked at every angle of the pier and it just looks great all around, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to get the pier and the surrounding buildings just right, funny how a familiar place is so pleasing, piers are a sort of childhood thing too, the novalty of walking along the wooden floor and seeing the sea between the planks when you are little, and all the bright funfair things and deckchairs make you think of sunny days.

a bright from afar side

a bright stroll

a bright deckchair

I spotted  one of those big pictures with a cut out hole you could stick your head through to have your photo taken, I couldn’t resist being a Beatle and then one of the Abba girls, what a laugh!!

a bright beatle

a bright abba

It was lovely to explore it all, and I ended up lounging in one of the seats nearby gazing out at the sea, this is the life!! or second life should I say!!!

a bright front far

a bright pavilion

a bright lounge


The Ascot Ball In Victoriana

June 22, 2009

Hibiscus had told me about the Ascot Ball in the Victoriana sim and I decided to go and have a look.  I had my one Victorian dress but thought I’d better go out and buy another as I’ve already worn that a couple of times there.   I shopped around and couldn’t see anything I liked, the only one I did fancy was 400 Lindens and I wasn’t going to pay that for something I would only wear for an hour or two!  I ended up at my old favourite place BareRose and spotted the most gorgeous wedding dress with the right shaped top for what I wanted.  It was only 160 Lindens and totally modifiable.   Getting home I set about trying it on.  It had the most beautiful skirt that you could imagine, but totally wrong with its long train, so I picked a mini skirt that was also in the package with another straight skirt to go underneath from another BareRose design that I have.  I coloured the whole thing in a vivid electric blue and made a couple of floaty bits at the back of the long straight underskirt to make it look like a bit of a bustle.  There I had it, my Victorian evening gown.  I didn’t have the right boots either, so coloured a pair of stockings and had a pair of blue shoes that would do.  All done I headed off to Victoriana.

a Vic 1

Everything took ages to rez and the small square in the middle of town was packed with people, when I could see them!  Then I realised my mistake, I had gone dressed for the evening and saw that people were in Victorian day wear, so I looked like a bit of a good time girl with my shoulders and neck on show!  Still, bottling it out, I went and joined the crowd, or tried to, moving about was a nightmare and I had my first SL crash.  I logged back on and Hibiscus teleported over, she was dressed really nicely with all the detail of a Victorian lady.

a Vic 2

a Vic 3

I tried to move around and take some pictures, but crashed again each time I pressed the camera button.  My computer froze just as the organiser came up to say hello to me and I couldn’t even answer her as I crashed again.

a Vic 4

When I returned she had moved off, but no way could I have followed her as I kept freezing to the spot.  Finally I crashed for the last time and could not get into SL as they had a sign up saying something about not being able to be connected to the server.   I tried all different ways to get on, even going through the showcase pages, but it wasn’t to be.  I still had to wait a while the next day, so looks like SL is having some serious problems.

Come With Me!

June 20, 2009

I went down the Underground Club last night and the place was pretty crowded.  It was quiz night and the hostess for the evening, Brie was shouting out some trivia questions.  Hibiscus joined me and as she danced in the Caramel dance line she shouted out some of the answers.  She is so clever and knows a wide range of subjects.  I can never think of any of the answers and I’m far too slow to google search them!!

a quiz 1

It was getting late when a newbie girl came through the door.  She had a pretty evening gown on with long flowing skirts and said hello to everyone.  I’ve never seen her before, but thought how nice it was that being so new she had found such a lovely dress.  She seemed to make a beeline for one of the guys on the dance floor.  He is fairly new but I have seen him a couple of times before.  She suddenly said ‘Come with me’  Well thats normally a line the guys use when they first meet a girl they fancy as they want to get them on their own to chat.  I laughed to myself and said ‘Can we all come?’ to which lots of people joined in thinking it was great fun.   The girl flounced out mumbling ‘you can if you want’ with the boy following her.  I had my camera trained on her and I was able to follow them some distance up the road.  She went into one of the shops and they appeared to be talking. Next thing he stood apart from her as took her clothes off, at one time standing naked and then putting some sexy undies on.  It obviously didn’t work out for her as the guy just stood watching and she chatted some more to him.  She gave up in the end and tried to fly out, bumping into some of the windows like a trapped bluebottle.  She eventually managed to find the door and off she went alone.  Was she a sexual preditor? well I’ll never know, she may have even been a man in rea life!  Anyway it looks like she picked on the wrong guy, think he knew better than to be talked into anything.

a quiz 2

Do It Yourself CNN Meeting!!

June 16, 2009

I logged onto SL tonight with my evening planned, I dropped into the office and did a bit of picture editing, then thought I would go to the club for half an hour to have a dance before the CNN meeting.  Well I should have stayed at the club!!  There was some chat in the messages asking if the meeting was going ahead and a few of us decided to go over to CNN island anyway.  I’m not sure if they had an earlier meeting with reporter Henry, but no one left a message saying the meeting had been cancelled.  Anyway, there were six of us there and Vickie took centre stage, but for some reason she was walking on the spot again, she has done this a couple fo times before and says she looks normal on her screen.  Anyway Nicole never turned up but it was quite a lively discussion anyway.  Latok turned up with a funny little Martian av and it did look funny when she was typing as her head wobbled!!  I threatened to put a post on CNN about how we were abandoned, but I won’t, as there is probably good reason for CNN’s absence.  Went back to the club with Hib later on for a dance and then said goodnight to everyone!!




Visiting Portugal and Tip Jar Madness!!

June 14, 2009

I went over to a Portuguese sim yesterday for a look around, it was once again the showcase part of search.  It looked very interesting as it gave out lots of information, but I never really got that far.  A new guy came up and started talking and said that he was having a bit of a bad time in SL as people were ignoring him.  I felt very sorry for him as people do tend to treat newbies with a bit of comtempt sometimes.   I got chatting and he was very nice, I ended up giving him some hair and skins to try and some places to visit, I did see him later in the Underground Club so he is getting around ok.

A Port 1

A Port 2

a Port 3

It is a pretty sim with a nice piece of shoreline and a galleon docked there.  I went back to SL London and had a look at my map, seeing a lot of people in one of the pubs I teleported over to see what was happening.  They had a dj and were celebrating the Queen’s Official birthday, which was a nice idea, so I decided to stay, although I didn’t like the hip hop music a lot.  There was a dj, a host who had a tip jar each, and they said something about another tip jar on the counter for another member of the staff.  Well I’ve always tipped when I can, although I think there should be a limit as some people (and I assume it’s the friends of the person who has the tip jar) will put a large amount in, say 200 lindens expecting everyone else to follow suit.  Well I don’t think that works as people usually only want to give an amount they can afford and putting a smaller amount in after someone has put 100 or 200 is awkward, it makes you look mean, so lots of people must give it a miss.  Last night I put 50 in each of the dj and the host’s tip jars, which I think is enough anyway, as they are getting paid as well.  Then they said about the third tip jar, so I found that and put another 50 in, only to have the person IM me who owned it asking me if she should share it out with another two people who apparently shared the jar with her.  I was caught out and not thinking straight I said ok I will put another 50 in, but thinking about it, what a cheek, why mention about sharing it, they are all being paid anyway and should just accept whatever people wish to pay.  I have never had a tip jar, but I know I would appreciate any amount if people thought I was worth tipping.   I think the whole thing has got out of hand.

a Port club

Swoon! I Sure Did, Dance Chim Was Fun!!

June 11, 2009

I like to get away to explore some of the dance clubs around SL and there are quite a few, and they all seem to have nice regulars that go there who make you welcome.   I had a look at the Search menu last night and picked one that showed 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s music.  It was called ‘Swoon’ and I teleported over.  I was greeted by the hostess and dj who invited me to join in the dancing.



There were a few people in the club and it got more crowded as the evening went on. One of the ladies dancing, Margie, requested a Robbie Williams song, Rock DJ, and said she would sing along to it.  Well my music stream cut out and it left me with Margie singing enthusiastically into her mic, so funny!!  She did well and kept me going till my music came back on, well done Margie!!!   I was then  invited to join the dance chim and there we were all dancing in time with each other, it was great!!


I stayed for quite a while and then decided to head back to SL London.  I wanted to check out the new Westminster Bridge that they are building next to Big Ben so I teleported over and took to the skies above the builders and little crowd.  I had had trouble stopping dancing when I left the club, but on my screen I looked normal.  I got an IM from Liz telling me I was flying and dancing at the same time, lol.  I tried to stop animations again from the menu, then from a gadget I have, but to no avail.  I decided to get my photos anyway and went ahead snapping.  Liz IM me again and said I was now stuck in my photo taking pose, good old SL!!  The only option left was to log out.  I wonder if I hold the record though, for simultaneously flying, dancing  and photo posing all in one go?



A Wedding, A Party and Magazine Launch!

June 8, 2009

What a busy weekend!! and what with real life being busy too, it’s been a bit hectic!!   On Saturday it was all going on, it was Brie Janick’s birthday and Cutewillow had arranged a surprise birthday party at Gen’s place.  So I went over and Brie was there surrounded by all her friends and having a great time.  Brie is lovely and we all had a right giggle, Happy Birthday Brie!!!  She had to do a quick change later though, she was a bridesmaid at Gerty and Al’s wedding, so it was all rush for her too.


I got changed myself after Brie’s party and actually wore something I had made a long time ago, I quickly made a hat to go with it and off I went to the chapel in the sky to watch Gerty and Al’s wedding.  The lag was awful and I struggled to take photos, but the actual event was beautiful and all went very nicely, congratulations to those two on their big day!!

A Wed me



Yesterday saw me going to an event by Saffia Widdershins, she was launching her 6th Edition of her Primgraph Magazine, with some surprises as well.  I had to find something Victorian to wear and quickly found my dress that I wore the other day to visit Victoriana.  It was a beautiful event with everyone dressed up, and the launch went well.  I will be writing it up for CNN this week, so won’t go into detail here.  We went over to another sim to finish with a party and Hibiscus joined me, it had been really nice, but I kept crashing and had trouble taking photos again.  All in all it was a very busy weekend!!!