knights to Weddings to Fairy Wings!

I’ve been travelling around a bit lately and I was looking for a birthday present when I ended up at the Lone Star Ranch where my lovely horses come from.  I hadn’t been there for a few weeks and started to explore when I spotted a jousting contest going on.  It looked like lots of fun as the knights charged at each other with their dangerous lances held high.  I’m going to drag Drax or Hibiscus over there to have a go when they get time, they both have their horses so it should be a laugh.

Joust 1

Joust 2

I have a wedding to go to tonight in SL, a really nice couple from SL London called Gerty and Al, and I’m looking forward to taking some pictures there.  I decided to open the invitation in my apartment and nearly knocked the walls down.  It was massive, but very nicely done with a picture of the loving couple and lots of trees and candles, all golden and glowing.  I can’t wait to see what what Gerty’s dress is like, I bet it will be a fantastic event.

Joust wedding

I ended up in the Underground club last night, and people were having a great time, they had a contest for the best wings, so I found some pretty ones in my inventory that Nazna had given me some time ago and put those on.  I didn’t enter the contest but had lots of fun watching the others, I may put their pictures on Virtually London (lite) next week, some of the guys looked really funny dancing around with wings attached!

Joust club


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