Swoon! I Sure Did, Dance Chim Was Fun!!

I like to get away to explore some of the dance clubs around SL and there are quite a few, and they all seem to have nice regulars that go there who make you welcome.   I had a look at the Search menu last night and picked one that showed 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s music.  It was called ‘Swoon’ and I teleported over.  I was greeted by the hostess and dj who invited me to join in the dancing.



There were a few people in the club and it got more crowded as the evening went on. One of the ladies dancing, Margie, requested a Robbie Williams song, Rock DJ, and said she would sing along to it.  Well my music stream cut out and it left me with Margie singing enthusiastically into her mic, so funny!!  She did well and kept me going till my music came back on, well done Margie!!!   I was then  invited to join the dance chim and there we were all dancing in time with each other, it was great!!


I stayed for quite a while and then decided to head back to SL London.  I wanted to check out the new Westminster Bridge that they are building next to Big Ben so I teleported over and took to the skies above the builders and little crowd.  I had had trouble stopping dancing when I left the club, but on my screen I looked normal.  I got an IM from Liz telling me I was flying and dancing at the same time, lol.  I tried to stop animations again from the menu, then from a gadget I have, but to no avail.  I decided to get my photos anyway and went ahead snapping.  Liz IM me again and said I was now stuck in my photo taking pose, good old SL!!  The only option left was to log out.  I wonder if I hold the record though, for simultaneously flying, dancing  and photo posing all in one go?




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