Visiting Portugal and Tip Jar Madness!!

I went over to a Portuguese sim yesterday for a look around, it was once again the showcase part of search.  It looked very interesting as it gave out lots of information, but I never really got that far.  A new guy came up and started talking and said that he was having a bit of a bad time in SL as people were ignoring him.  I felt very sorry for him as people do tend to treat newbies with a bit of comtempt sometimes.   I got chatting and he was very nice, I ended up giving him some hair and skins to try and some places to visit, I did see him later in the Underground Club so he is getting around ok.

A Port 1

A Port 2

a Port 3

It is a pretty sim with a nice piece of shoreline and a galleon docked there.  I went back to SL London and had a look at my map, seeing a lot of people in one of the pubs I teleported over to see what was happening.  They had a dj and were celebrating the Queen’s Official birthday, which was a nice idea, so I decided to stay, although I didn’t like the hip hop music a lot.  There was a dj, a host who had a tip jar each, and they said something about another tip jar on the counter for another member of the staff.  Well I’ve always tipped when I can, although I think there should be a limit as some people (and I assume it’s the friends of the person who has the tip jar) will put a large amount in, say 200 lindens expecting everyone else to follow suit.  Well I don’t think that works as people usually only want to give an amount they can afford and putting a smaller amount in after someone has put 100 or 200 is awkward, it makes you look mean, so lots of people must give it a miss.  Last night I put 50 in each of the dj and the host’s tip jars, which I think is enough anyway, as they are getting paid as well.  Then they said about the third tip jar, so I found that and put another 50 in, only to have the person IM me who owned it asking me if she should share it out with another two people who apparently shared the jar with her.  I was caught out and not thinking straight I said ok I will put another 50 in, but thinking about it, what a cheek, why mention about sharing it, they are all being paid anyway and should just accept whatever people wish to pay.  I have never had a tip jar, but I know I would appreciate any amount if people thought I was worth tipping.   I think the whole thing has got out of hand.

a Port club


4 Responses to Visiting Portugal and Tip Jar Madness!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I am thinking of placing a tip jar out each time I reply or comment to a blog. I think it’s only fair and promise to share with any other respondents!!!


    That Portugese sim looks quite different and might be fun exploring. What do you say, let’s give it a whirl soon?

  2. Lol oooh tip jars!!! it’s going to be this year’s must have accessory I think, you can share yours with me, we can go and buy some eggs on toast for lunch!!!

    Yes lets go to Portugal, I never did get to look over the Galleon and find out what is on the other side of the sim!!

  3. Jen says:

    I’ve suddenly been wondering if I’ve been tipping DJ’s and music performers enough. What is common? For me, usually giving between L$25 and L$50. Occasionally up to L$100. But then I started wondering, yet again, if I should tip with their RL expenses in mind or their SL ones…I decided it had to be re: SL only (unless I win the lottery, lol!).

    Also, depending on my account balance L$50 night be a lot. Contributing to this is that I don’t prefer to use my actual bank cards to load up (for general internet security reasons). This means I have to make a car trip to the store to buy a pre-paid card whenever the balance gets low. When I’m not already planning to go shopping it means extra travel if I want to party, with money, Inworld. Not anyone’s fault, of course, and it’s my responsibility. But this all factors in (time/gas/money).

    Appreciate you posting actual Linden dollar numbers. I’ve never tipped hosts before – have not seen jars out for them, so far. But that would be getting steep, to add them to the list with the performer(s)/DJ jar + the club venue/owner(s) jar. For Pete’s sake. And I agree it was very inappropriate for that person you tipped to pressure you into adding more money. Yes, why tell you they have to share the amount? Either it was a scam or very bad manners not to at least pretend there were separate tip containers for each person. I don’t even like when there is only one shared tip jar at a RL restaurant or other venue. Because I trust the wait staff to share more than the owners or ‘managers.’ Especially family owned places where I’ve sometimes learned of uncertain outcomes re: the tipped cash.

  4. Hi jen,

    Nice to hear from you! In respect of tipping I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule about how much to tip anyone working in SL, it’s purely a matter of how much you want to give and how much you can actually afford, so you shouldn’t worry about it if you can’t afford to give much, it’s the spirit of the thing and I’m sure the dj’s and hosts appreciate any amounts they are given. I usually tip 50 and sometimes 100 Lindens, but then again I don’t tip every time I go to clubs and other places, as I too have to watch what I spend. If I have tipped at one venue and then move to another I would be spending too much for my budget by tipping each time, so it is whatever you feel comfortable doing. Everyone must understand that people are watching what they spend, especially with the world wide recession. When I first wrote the article I had thought that dj’s and hosts were still being paid as well as earning tips and I was unaware that they had stopped receiving wages. All the same, I have read the job applications for the dj’s and hosts in SL London and they are not supposed to question what people tip them. The dj’s and hosts do a great job and work hard and I do like to tip them whenever I can.

    Janey :))

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