Do It Yourself CNN Meeting!!

I logged onto SL tonight with my evening planned, I dropped into the office and did a bit of picture editing, then thought I would go to the club for half an hour to have a dance before the CNN meeting.  Well I should have stayed at the club!!  There was some chat in the messages asking if the meeting was going ahead and a few of us decided to go over to CNN island anyway.  I’m not sure if they had an earlier meeting with reporter Henry, but no one left a message saying the meeting had been cancelled.  Anyway, there were six of us there and Vickie took centre stage, but for some reason she was walking on the spot again, she has done this a couple fo times before and says she looks normal on her screen.  Anyway Nicole never turned up but it was quite a lively discussion anyway.  Latok turned up with a funny little Martian av and it did look funny when she was typing as her head wobbled!!  I threatened to put a post on CNN about how we were abandoned, but I won’t, as there is probably good reason for CNN’s absence.  Went back to the club with Hib later on for a dance and then said goodnight to everyone!!





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