Come With Me!

I went down the Underground Club last night and the place was pretty crowded.  It was quiz night and the hostess for the evening, Brie was shouting out some trivia questions.  Hibiscus joined me and as she danced in the Caramel dance line she shouted out some of the answers.  She is so clever and knows a wide range of subjects.  I can never think of any of the answers and I’m far too slow to google search them!!

a quiz 1

It was getting late when a newbie girl came through the door.  She had a pretty evening gown on with long flowing skirts and said hello to everyone.  I’ve never seen her before, but thought how nice it was that being so new she had found such a lovely dress.  She seemed to make a beeline for one of the guys on the dance floor.  He is fairly new but I have seen him a couple of times before.  She suddenly said ‘Come with me’  Well thats normally a line the guys use when they first meet a girl they fancy as they want to get them on their own to chat.  I laughed to myself and said ‘Can we all come?’ to which lots of people joined in thinking it was great fun.   The girl flounced out mumbling ‘you can if you want’ with the boy following her.  I had my camera trained on her and I was able to follow them some distance up the road.  She went into one of the shops and they appeared to be talking. Next thing he stood apart from her as took her clothes off, at one time standing naked and then putting some sexy undies on.  It obviously didn’t work out for her as the guy just stood watching and she chatted some more to him.  She gave up in the end and tried to fly out, bumping into some of the windows like a trapped bluebottle.  She eventually managed to find the door and off she went alone.  Was she a sexual preditor? well I’ll never know, she may have even been a man in rea life!  Anyway it looks like she picked on the wrong guy, think he knew better than to be talked into anything.

a quiz 2


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