The Ascot Ball In Victoriana

Hibiscus had told me about the Ascot Ball in the Victoriana sim and I decided to go and have a look.  I had my one Victorian dress but thought I’d better go out and buy another as I’ve already worn that a couple of times there.   I shopped around and couldn’t see anything I liked, the only one I did fancy was 400 Lindens and I wasn’t going to pay that for something I would only wear for an hour or two!  I ended up at my old favourite place BareRose and spotted the most gorgeous wedding dress with the right shaped top for what I wanted.  It was only 160 Lindens and totally modifiable.   Getting home I set about trying it on.  It had the most beautiful skirt that you could imagine, but totally wrong with its long train, so I picked a mini skirt that was also in the package with another straight skirt to go underneath from another BareRose design that I have.  I coloured the whole thing in a vivid electric blue and made a couple of floaty bits at the back of the long straight underskirt to make it look like a bit of a bustle.  There I had it, my Victorian evening gown.  I didn’t have the right boots either, so coloured a pair of stockings and had a pair of blue shoes that would do.  All done I headed off to Victoriana.

a Vic 1

Everything took ages to rez and the small square in the middle of town was packed with people, when I could see them!  Then I realised my mistake, I had gone dressed for the evening and saw that people were in Victorian day wear, so I looked like a bit of a good time girl with my shoulders and neck on show!  Still, bottling it out, I went and joined the crowd, or tried to, moving about was a nightmare and I had my first SL crash.  I logged back on and Hibiscus teleported over, she was dressed really nicely with all the detail of a Victorian lady.

a Vic 2

a Vic 3

I tried to move around and take some pictures, but crashed again each time I pressed the camera button.  My computer froze just as the organiser came up to say hello to me and I couldn’t even answer her as I crashed again.

a Vic 4

When I returned she had moved off, but no way could I have followed her as I kept freezing to the spot.  Finally I crashed for the last time and could not get into SL as they had a sign up saying something about not being able to be connected to the server.   I tried all different ways to get on, even going through the showcase pages, but it wasn’t to be.  I still had to wait a while the next day, so looks like SL is having some serious problems.


3 Responses to The Ascot Ball In Victoriana

  1. Drax Ember says:

    It’s a shame that SL had such difficulties that weekend and put a damper on what looked like a nice event. Hopefully they will reschedule and the SL issues will have been solved by then. I’m looking forward to breaking out Victorian Gorean garb for the event. Hmmm I wonder which sword goes well with a formal Ball??

  2. Would love to see you in your Victorian Gorean clothes, with your dress sword at your side. I bet all those Victorian ladies hearts would be fluttering at the sight of you!!! Think it might be a bit too much for them, as they are prone to swooning at the sight of a well turned out man of mystery such as yourself!!!

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Hi Janey, I thought you did a terrific job with your dress, you looked lovely. It was a shame that SL was so difficult over the weekend, but we managed.
    Drax I am looking forward to seeing the Victorian Gorean clothes and will bring my smelling salts along, just in case.

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