100 Stories on CNN!!

July 29, 2009

I reached a bit of a milestone the other day, my 100th story on the CNN’s ireport site, I put my 101st story on today (SL London Includes Soho Sex Trade Area).   My friend and fellow writer Hibiscus Hastings and I had been pioneers in respect of ireports, as we were among the few who got stories put on the first official CNN ireport page when it stopped being Beta, we had been putting stuff on the Beta pages too when CNN had been trying it all out and there were only a handful of us in those days who were ireporters.  Now there are nearly 27,000 ireporters worldwide.  It was dead scary too, as we had no access to edit our work once it was uploaded and I remember desperately emailing the real CNN reporters Tyson and Nicole put right the odd typos I had made. 

101 one

It’s been a great journey for me, interviewing lots of really nice, clever and interesting people.  Covering the first American Congress meeting ever to be held in SL down to funny wacky stories that I find so amusing.  I couldn’t have done it without support from my friends, Hibiscus Hastings and Drax Ember, who are always there to encourage me to carry on and calm me down when people drive me nuts!!!   Plus the CNN reporters Nicole and Henry who keep us going at the meetings each week. 101 two

You meet so many different types of people in SL from all walks of life, all ages, all nationalities, all with different ideas that make the whole thing so fascinating!  I’ve had many ups and downs, more ups than downs though, people who just want to get written about or their stuff promoted, people who alter history like Schmonson Dalglish (artist Paul Batt, see Fine American Art Makes History) and not forgetting nuisance people who spout off in public then make a big fuss when you quote what they forced everyone to listen to.  It’s been an enjoyable ride and writing is a thing I can’t get enough of, so I hope I will be telling SL stories for some time yet!!

101 three


Soho in SL London

July 25, 2009

Well we have been waiting for Debs Regent’s new sim to open for a while, she has the very beautiful and now prosperous SL London and she has worked really hard to make it all happen.  She decided that it should have Soho as well and it’s quite a different kettle of fish from the other sims.  I had a tour yesterday with Hibiscus and Das Wade, London Director, plus fantastic builder Menolly Riederer who has helped to put it all together.  It opened today for everyone to look around before it gets classified as Adult,  which restricts it to people that have verified that they are over the age of 18 to Linden Labs.  So from Monday it becomes an adult sim only.  I went over with Drax today to show him around and we had great fun wandering the streets.

a Soho in street

A soho sign

Soho is famous for its sex side of things with lots of clubs and bars, so they have added the Phoenix club with lap dancing and lots of other things.  We went down there for a look and spoke to some of the people involved.  Cleo Charleville, one of the London team members, gave us a demonstration of how someone can dance around the giant Champagne glass.

a Soho inside Poenix

a Soho champaigne

They are recruiting people for dancers and escorts there, it’s quite strange to think we have this sort of sim attached to the other London ones, but I suppose Soho is one of the well known areas of London.   I saw a gym they had made for the gay community too, so they are trying to please everyone.  We had fun looking around and I will be interested to see how many visitors they get.

a Soho bar

a Soho Drax talking

Another Normal Night At CNN And A Visitor Calls!

July 22, 2009

Blimey what’s going on?  These CNN meetings are getting stranger each week.  Not real life reporters Nicole and Henry’s fault, but the weirdness of the people dropping in to delight us with their big talk and ideas.  Some of it is quite entertaining, but it can go on a bit and disrupt the topics we should be covering.  Last night a strange little av called H3 dropped in, from the start he was annoying, he arrived with his arms in the air, waving them about and there he sat during the whole meeting moving about like a nutcase.  It seemed from what one of the other ireporters told us, that he had been banned from a couple of other sims for griefing, well there’s a surprise!  He started to have a go at one of the other ireporters and promote his own stuff, so I asked him to write about it, and as usual it was excuse after excuse!  When Nicole left, he had the cheek to make a remark at the end of the meeting that  ‘the last lady was boring’, saying he ‘usually comes up with fun things to say, and that lady would have been easy to roast’.  I continually asked him who he was talking about, but he wouldn’t write her name down.  Come on H3 if you are going to talk about people at least have the bottle to do it properly and not be a coward.  Griefing a meeting by waving your arms in the air continually is one thing, and pretty annoying, but to make remarks about people without being brave enough to carry it through just shows that you have no substance!


One of the ireporters who is a brilliant writer, Maverick, usually turns up as a superhero, but he looked great last night as Clark Kent, which was quite funny!


Getting away from strange meetings, Hibiscus and I had an uninvited visitor to the balcony of our apartments the other night.  As we chatted in each of our apartments through the floor, he came and sat on my balcony, but didn’t say a word.  He had a tee shirt on with ‘Public Enemy No one’ written on it.


As he sat there I created a prim and re sized it to cover him as I moved it out onto the balcony where he was.  He got out of it and clicked to sit on the top of it, once sitting, I lowered the prim with him on it down to Hibs apartment, where he jumped off. 


Hib is ready for any eventualities, and got her wedding dress out to put on, grabbing the chance to capture this handsome av.  She did no more than ask him to marry her and named the next day as the wedding day!!


I was a bit ashamed of Hib though, she hadn’t got dressed properly and still had her day clothes sticking out from under the gown, no way for a would be bride to behave.  Our visitor started to talk and he knew quite a bit about us, the lines were coming thick and fast and he was very humorous.  We know who you are Mr Alt!! and we both waited the next day for you to claim your bride, but you never showed up.  Hib was gutted and so was I, I had my bridesmaid dress all sorted!!

Hi To Cher!!!

July 18, 2009

I have missed my friend Cher, he hasn’t been around for a little while because of real life stuff, but suddenly he is back on the scene!!  Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, he logged on and next thing was asking where is the best place to get shoes in SL.  Hibiscus being very clued up on shops gave him a couple of places and next next he arrived with a lovely pair of black shoes and a glam outfit.  Instantly putting me and Hib into the shade, Cher is back, big time, looking glamorous with beautiful new black curly hair and a sexy skin!

Cher with Hib

Cher closeup

Cher three

After talking to Cher and Hib I decided to go dancing, first popping into the Mayhem Club and then going over to the Underground Club to see who was around.

Cher dance

Then after a couple of dances Cher joined me in the UGC and was greeted by all his old friends from the London Team, Cher is definately back in Town!!!

Cher dance2

Apartment Makeover!

July 15, 2009

What do you do when you get a bit cheesed off in SL, you buy new hair, a new outfit, or go the whole hog and do some decorating!!  I did the hair thing the other day, got new hair, well same hair really with brown streaks instead of pink ones so that was nice.  Trouble was, chatting to Hibiscus about things not lasting long in SL, got me in the mood to change something else.  (Hib wrote a great article about things being short lived for the Trilogy Blog btw).  So what did I do? I decided to alter my apartment a bit.  Bring in some drapes and some soft pink shades and alter the walls a bit.  I went to a shop called Jojo’s Folly, it’s really nice she has some beautiful bits and pieces and all very reasonably priced.  I got some pink curtains and a room divider, plus a new bed to put in the middle room, all low prim stuff.  Hib is right nothing lasts long in SL, but at least you can create bright new stuff whenever you like, not like real life!  I expect I’ll be changing things again in a few months, have a look at Jojo’s shop though and it won’t break the bank!

House one

House two

Max the Siamese kitten slept through it all, I even shifted the rug from under him and he kept snoring, he did wake up later when it was dinner time though, think he has his priorities right!!

House three

House four

Linden Luck and Fun With a Dance Chim

July 10, 2009

It’s great the way your friends can cheer you up in SL, being very busy in real life at the moment and scouting around for stories for Virtually London (lite) hasn’t been easy, especially when you think people aren’t sharing information like they should.  I jumped to conclusions this week when I got a message, after logging on, that a big group of Lindens had paid a visit to SL London.  The message was from friend Menolly Riederer who is a builder in SL London, along with Rails Bailey.  Menolly and Rails are very helpful and do most of the spectacular buildings around SL London.  She told me that nine of the Lindens from the Boston Labs had  visited SL London and had fun riding horses through SL Hyde Park and bungee jumping in SL Chelsea.  I instantly thought I had been left out of the loop by the management and was pretty cross that I missed some great photo opportunities.  It wasn’t like that at all though! Menolly and Rails had met Siz Linden at a Helen Keller event and got chatting, Menolly had told him about SL London and Siz with his colleagues decided to pay a surprise visit.  Menolly had a photo of them all in Hyde Park so she gave me a copy which was really nice.  I then decided to get in touch with Siz to see if he would comment on his trip to the sim and to my delight he got back to me, sending another photo as well!!  It was quite a scoop, as Siz sent some lovely comments about what a good time they had and the fact that they might even come back to see the rest of the sights.  So far all of the Lindens I have met or contacted have been really nice and do try to help out if they can.  I went over to the Underground Club later on that day and enjoyed having a dance. TXBarbara the host asked me to come closer to the stage so I could join in the chim dancing, which I did.  It was such fun, I love the chim stuff when everyone dances the same in a group, and the way it seems to fit the music is magic.  I had a good old chinwag with Barb in IM and it was a great evening.

a chim 1

a chim 2

a chim 3

A Funny Week!!

July 5, 2009

It’s been a funny week this week, with quite a bit going on!  I was not all that pleased to learn that the Warner Bros sim GossipGirl had closed down and part of it has been re-opened in SL London.  Not all that pleased because, for one, it’s pretty sad that the sim had closed as it was a nice place full of people who enjoyed the tv show and secondly because no one told me about it until it arrived in SL London, although the Modsquad people who looked after GossipGirl had written about it coming to London on 30th June, but there you go, you can’t bring people the latest news if the people who should be giving you the heads up want the publicity but then fail to mention things.  I do send out notecards and IM asking for the latest news from the organisers, but I’m not always lucky to get them back, so future events may not get the pre-publicity they need, I know if it were my projects, I would be sending out all the info that I wanted broadcast before the event to make it a success, but everyone is different I suppose.  Some people are on the ball though, one store I have never heard of, a. C. Stores (men’s clothes), sent me an invitation to their Fashion show the other day and I decided to go and have a look.  I had a right old job getting over there and when I arrived nearly everything was grey, but after re logging a couple of times I managed to see most of the catwalk show and it was great, really unusual clothes and nicely designed stuff, so I’m glad I went along and posted it on Our Virtual Trilogy.

A Funnyweek1

A Funnyweek2

Of course everything happens at once in SL, there were some great parties in SL London at the same time as the show,celebrating Independence Day for America and Canada Day, so I hopped between the lot!    Sometimes it’s nice to get away and I headed off to yet another hotspot the other day and found a sim called MayLou, it was really pretty with lots of different buildings based on Mexican, Indian and Egyptian cultures.  Each place I explored there had a nice place to have a kip or watch the telly, so it was quite relaxing and I stayed there for a while till I went back to chasing stories!!A FUNNYWEEK MAY ARRIVE

A Funnyweek3