Hair Fair Freebies!!!

Best Friend Hibiscus Hastings is really good at shopping and she posted an article on our Virtual Trilogy site about her visit to the Hair Fair 2009.   She told me that there were freebies to be had, as well as being a good place to look around at all the new hairstyles, so I decided to go over there.  The place looked like a giant candy shop and I kept having trouble crossing the sims, either ending up underground or walking off into the sea.  At one stage I found myself trapped inside a wall, but considering all the lovely things there to look at it is a small price to pay.


I kept getting lost, the site seems huge and I will probably go back to explore again, I did pick up loads of freebies though, some good some very bad!! and some really nice!  It was such fun, and there is some lovely hair for sale there, lots with 50% off as well.  Anyway I got back and here is my collection of freebies, I had lots of fun trying it all on.

A H 1A H 2






A H 3A H 4






A H 5A H 6






A H 7A H 8






A H 9

A H 10






A H 12A H 13






A H 14


2 Responses to Hair Fair Freebies!!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I like the second one (Minus the crazy star that hangs down onto your face! LOL) and the last two as well!!!

  2. I liked those ones best too!! shame about the star but I think it looks like it can’t be removed without major reconstruction to the hair, not bad for all freebies though!!

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