A Funny Week!!

It’s been a funny week this week, with quite a bit going on!  I was not all that pleased to learn that the Warner Bros sim GossipGirl had closed down and part of it has been re-opened in SL London.  Not all that pleased because, for one, it’s pretty sad that the sim had closed as it was a nice place full of people who enjoyed the tv show and secondly because no one told me about it until it arrived in SL London, although the Modsquad people who looked after GossipGirl had written about it coming to London on 30th June, but there you go, you can’t bring people the latest news if the people who should be giving you the heads up want the publicity but then fail to mention things.  I do send out notecards and IM asking for the latest news from the organisers, but I’m not always lucky to get them back, so future events may not get the pre-publicity they need, I know if it were my projects, I would be sending out all the info that I wanted broadcast before the event to make it a success, but everyone is different I suppose.  Some people are on the ball though, one store I have never heard of, a. C. Stores (men’s clothes), sent me an invitation to their Fashion show the other day and I decided to go and have a look.  I had a right old job getting over there and when I arrived nearly everything was grey, but after re logging a couple of times I managed to see most of the catwalk show and it was great, really unusual clothes and nicely designed stuff, so I’m glad I went along and posted it on Our Virtual Trilogy.

A Funnyweek1

A Funnyweek2

Of course everything happens at once in SL, there were some great parties in SL London at the same time as the show,celebrating Independence Day for America and Canada Day, so I hopped between the lot!    Sometimes it’s nice to get away and I headed off to yet another hotspot the other day and found a sim called MayLou, it was really pretty with lots of different buildings based on Mexican, Indian and Egyptian cultures.  Each place I explored there had a nice place to have a kip or watch the telly, so it was quite relaxing and I stayed there for a while till I went back to chasing stories!!A FUNNYWEEK MAY ARRIVE

A Funnyweek3




2 Responses to A Funny Week!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    It has to be terribly frustrating when you try to keep people informed, yet you are the last to find out about anything. It seems like there is a glitch in the communications process that needs to be fixed.

  2. Hi Drax,

    Yes it is frustrating, because you want to promote SL London, but appear to be shut out to a certain extent, whilst not wanting to know the full works of the behind the scenes managing procedures, it would be nice if they gave out press releases for forthcoming events. It doesn’t have to be detailed either just a heads up on something I can follow up on!!

    J xx

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