Linden Luck and Fun With a Dance Chim

It’s great the way your friends can cheer you up in SL, being very busy in real life at the moment and scouting around for stories for Virtually London (lite) hasn’t been easy, especially when you think people aren’t sharing information like they should.  I jumped to conclusions this week when I got a message, after logging on, that a big group of Lindens had paid a visit to SL London.  The message was from friend Menolly Riederer who is a builder in SL London, along with Rails Bailey.  Menolly and Rails are very helpful and do most of the spectacular buildings around SL London.  She told me that nine of the Lindens from the Boston Labs had  visited SL London and had fun riding horses through SL Hyde Park and bungee jumping in SL Chelsea.  I instantly thought I had been left out of the loop by the management and was pretty cross that I missed some great photo opportunities.  It wasn’t like that at all though! Menolly and Rails had met Siz Linden at a Helen Keller event and got chatting, Menolly had told him about SL London and Siz with his colleagues decided to pay a surprise visit.  Menolly had a photo of them all in Hyde Park so she gave me a copy which was really nice.  I then decided to get in touch with Siz to see if he would comment on his trip to the sim and to my delight he got back to me, sending another photo as well!!  It was quite a scoop, as Siz sent some lovely comments about what a good time they had and the fact that they might even come back to see the rest of the sights.  So far all of the Lindens I have met or contacted have been really nice and do try to help out if they can.  I went over to the Underground Club later on that day and enjoyed having a dance. TXBarbara the host asked me to come closer to the stage so I could join in the chim dancing, which I did.  It was such fun, I love the chim stuff when everyone dances the same in a group, and the way it seems to fit the music is magic.  I had a good old chinwag with Barb in IM and it was a great evening.

a chim 1

a chim 2

a chim 3


2 Responses to Linden Luck and Fun With a Dance Chim

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Looks like I missed a lot of fun!!! Am looking forward to getting back to the Londom sims soon!!!!!

  2. Wishing you back soon!!!!!

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