Apartment Makeover!

What do you do when you get a bit cheesed off in SL, you buy new hair, a new outfit, or go the whole hog and do some decorating!!  I did the hair thing the other day, got new hair, well same hair really with brown streaks instead of pink ones so that was nice.  Trouble was, chatting to Hibiscus about things not lasting long in SL, got me in the mood to change something else.  (Hib wrote a great article about things being short lived for the Trilogy Blog btw).  So what did I do? I decided to alter my apartment a bit.  Bring in some drapes and some soft pink shades and alter the walls a bit.  I went to a shop called Jojo’s Folly, it’s really nice she has some beautiful bits and pieces and all very reasonably priced.  I got some pink curtains and a room divider, plus a new bed to put in the middle room, all low prim stuff.  Hib is right nothing lasts long in SL, but at least you can create bright new stuff whenever you like, not like real life!  I expect I’ll be changing things again in a few months, have a look at Jojo’s shop though and it won’t break the bank!

House one

House two

Max the Siamese kitten slept through it all, I even shifted the rug from under him and he kept snoring, he did wake up later when it was dinner time though, think he has his priorities right!!

House three

House four


6 Responses to Apartment Makeover!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Looks great Janey. And Max does have his priorities right. Maybe we need to take a cue from him and just focus on the important things in life like food.

  2. Yes you can’t fool Max when he is asleep he misses all the work and when he is awake he has his eye on the fridge door!! perhaps we should become Nekos Hib!!!

  3. Drax Ember says:

    I haven’t seen it yet!!! -frowns-

  4. Well, I still keep altering bits and have done a bit more with the table and chairs and stuff so when you do see it I hope it looks a bit better!! Think I’m suffering from a little Ephemeral ways!!!

  5. Elizabetta Westland says:

    I just redid my flat too, Janey!! Surprise surprise, it’s mostly pink 🙂 hehe

  6. Hi Liz!! nice to see you here!! Your apartment always looks beautiful, I will have to take a look at your latest decor, bet it outshines mine!!! 🙂

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