Another Normal Night At CNN And A Visitor Calls!

Blimey what’s going on?  These CNN meetings are getting stranger each week.  Not real life reporters Nicole and Henry’s fault, but the weirdness of the people dropping in to delight us with their big talk and ideas.  Some of it is quite entertaining, but it can go on a bit and disrupt the topics we should be covering.  Last night a strange little av called H3 dropped in, from the start he was annoying, he arrived with his arms in the air, waving them about and there he sat during the whole meeting moving about like a nutcase.  It seemed from what one of the other ireporters told us, that he had been banned from a couple of other sims for griefing, well there’s a surprise!  He started to have a go at one of the other ireporters and promote his own stuff, so I asked him to write about it, and as usual it was excuse after excuse!  When Nicole left, he had the cheek to make a remark at the end of the meeting that  ‘the last lady was boring’, saying he ‘usually comes up with fun things to say, and that lady would have been easy to roast’.  I continually asked him who he was talking about, but he wouldn’t write her name down.  Come on H3 if you are going to talk about people at least have the bottle to do it properly and not be a coward.  Griefing a meeting by waving your arms in the air continually is one thing, and pretty annoying, but to make remarks about people without being brave enough to carry it through just shows that you have no substance!


One of the ireporters who is a brilliant writer, Maverick, usually turns up as a superhero, but he looked great last night as Clark Kent, which was quite funny!


Getting away from strange meetings, Hibiscus and I had an uninvited visitor to the balcony of our apartments the other night.  As we chatted in each of our apartments through the floor, he came and sat on my balcony, but didn’t say a word.  He had a tee shirt on with ‘Public Enemy No one’ written on it.


As he sat there I created a prim and re sized it to cover him as I moved it out onto the balcony where he was.  He got out of it and clicked to sit on the top of it, once sitting, I lowered the prim with him on it down to Hibs apartment, where he jumped off. 


Hib is ready for any eventualities, and got her wedding dress out to put on, grabbing the chance to capture this handsome av.  She did no more than ask him to marry her and named the next day as the wedding day!!


I was a bit ashamed of Hib though, she hadn’t got dressed properly and still had her day clothes sticking out from under the gown, no way for a would be bride to behave.  Our visitor started to talk and he knew quite a bit about us, the lines were coming thick and fast and he was very humorous.  We know who you are Mr Alt!! and we both waited the next day for you to claim your bride, but you never showed up.  Hib was gutted and so was I, I had my bridesmaid dress all sorted!!


3 Responses to Another Normal Night At CNN And A Visitor Calls!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Did that clown wind up getting banned from the CNN meetings? LOL There’s always one guy who needs to draw attention to themselves and they don’t care if it’s good or bad. Sounds like that’s the guy!

    Poor Hib!!! Is she heartbroken????

  2. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Yes, Drax, I am heartbroken. It is hard to carry on at the moment, but somehow I will manage. And Janey, I thought I looked pretty good! As you say, I am prepared for all eventualities, once the wedding is over you need to get back to the day-to-day and I was ready.
    That meeting was something else. Of course, it was a distraction from my failed love life, but to be honest I could have lived without all that. I hope the person H3 attacked is not too upset.

  3. Hi Drax and Hib!!

    Poor H3, he just couldn’t get his brain around who he was attacking, although I asked him over and over again!! Perhaps you should have got the wedding dress out at the meeting Hib, take everyone’s mind off of H3 and his waving arms!!

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