Soho in SL London

Well we have been waiting for Debs Regent’s new sim to open for a while, she has the very beautiful and now prosperous SL London and she has worked really hard to make it all happen.  She decided that it should have Soho as well and it’s quite a different kettle of fish from the other sims.  I had a tour yesterday with Hibiscus and Das Wade, London Director, plus fantastic builder Menolly Riederer who has helped to put it all together.  It opened today for everyone to look around before it gets classified as Adult,  which restricts it to people that have verified that they are over the age of 18 to Linden Labs.  So from Monday it becomes an adult sim only.  I went over with Drax today to show him around and we had great fun wandering the streets.

a Soho in street

A soho sign

Soho is famous for its sex side of things with lots of clubs and bars, so they have added the Phoenix club with lap dancing and lots of other things.  We went down there for a look and spoke to some of the people involved.  Cleo Charleville, one of the London team members, gave us a demonstration of how someone can dance around the giant Champagne glass.

a Soho inside Poenix

a Soho champaigne

They are recruiting people for dancers and escorts there, it’s quite strange to think we have this sort of sim attached to the other London ones, but I suppose Soho is one of the well known areas of London.   I saw a gym they had made for the gay community too, so they are trying to please everyone.  We had fun looking around and I will be interested to see how many visitors they get.

a Soho bar

a Soho Drax talking


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