Poor Drax Is All Mixed Up!!

August 31, 2009

When I’d visited the Ministry of Motion sim a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t tell my friends about something that was a little bit shocking but quite funny at the time.  I’d taken Hibiscus over there and she thought it was a laugh, then I took Drax over and asked him to sit on the giant apple and see what happens.  Soon as he sat, he started to topple through the air and fell into the giant kitchen blender that was there.  It’s quite a gory sight all the blood spurts out of the blender and you can see your avatars arms and legs disappearing!

Blend sit one

blend toppling two

blend blender three

blend blood four

He landed safely back next to me on the platform, but his arms and legs and three hearts (yes three!!) landed all around him and other bits and pieces of grisly looking meat too!

blend armslegs five

This is all the invention of Nomasha Syaka and very cleverly done!!  All in one piece, Drax later came over to my apartment in SL Chelsea as he hadn’t seen some of the changes I had made for a while.  I got a lovely painting from an artist who was selling his stuff in the Rose Theatre, his pictures are moving works of art and little stars twinkle on it and vapour rises from the sphere in front of the girl in the picture, I’m glad I bought it, I really like it and Drax did too.  I logged off and came back later.

blend picture six

blend picture2 seven

It was the opening of the Jazz club in SL Chelsea last night and real life held me up from getting there for a while.  I arrived to see Hibiscus, Ed and Drax all on line and as I rezzed  I saw Hib and Ed log off at the same time, then going over to the Jazz club I spotted Drax at the piano there.

blend piano eight

He was plainly away from the keyboard of his computer, so I went and sat on the stall too to wait for him to come back and chat, but alas he never did, he just timed out and I was left all alone,  my friends deserting me, are they trying to tell me something?  Perhaps I put too many of them through the blender!!!

blend pianome nine


From Cowboys to Jazz Clubs

August 28, 2009

I had been over to the cowboy role-playing sim ‘Cripple Creek’ with friend Drax Ember, it was a lot of fun finding our way around and we will go back once we have time to explore some more.  It soon became apparent that I would need more than the one Victorian outfit that I own as it is not very suitable for the sim.

Creek Main

I started off with my Arabian horse as well, but found his saddle too decorative, so switched to my other black horse Del, which is the same as Drax’s and we had a nice ride.  Drax didn’t have a proper outfit either, but got a nice one in the sim, along with cowboy boots!!  I went shopping the next day to look for outfits and some new hair as well.  I searched all over the grid till I found the up-swept hair that I liked then I searched for clothes and found some outfits that are just right for the sim.  Not too sure when we will go back, but at least I am ready!!

I wanted to do a story for CNN but hadn’t a clue what to write, then I remembered the new SL Chelsea Jazz club is opening tomorrow, so I thought I would scout around and see just how popular the other Jazz clubs are.  I put my posh frock on and headed over to Sweethearts Jazz Club, only to find that I couldn’t even walk, the sim was packed, 71 people and they were still coming in.  I took some photos and moved on, going to Frank’s Place and then Phat Cat’s Jazz club. Both of those had their fair share of avs too, so I’m hoping that SL Chelsea does the same. See http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-321193 for the story.   I ended up back at the Underground club in SL Knightsbridge later on for a bit of fun with Hibiscus, then it was time to call it a night and log off.

J One


Dressing For The House of Horrors!!

August 23, 2009

I had advertised that there was to be a theme night in the Underground Club on Saturday, but forgot all about it as I was wandering around the shops.  I stopped off at Pixel Dolls to pick up some lovely outfits they have in their sale.  Then I heard from our new reporter for Virtually London (lite), Ed Follet, and he said about covering the event, so I suddenly remembered and had to get something to wear quickly.  Luckily the shop I was in had skins and eyes for sale as well as clothes and they were only 10 Lindens per item.  I’m not really very good at experimenting with skins and things but decided to go for a grey corpse like skin with magenta coloured eyes and it was a lot of fun putting it on.

A Hous one

a House two

Hibiscus came on line and she too searched her inventory and found a dark skin with a similar look, so I met her down at the club and the place was packed out with people.  They had decorated it like a graveyard and the guy dancing next to me had a severed head in his hand!  There were all sorts of ghouls and spirits and people were having a lovely time.  Trouble was that I was totally freezing up all the time and when I tried to take photos I kept crashing, but there were over 40 people in the club so it was a great success.  The other clubs in SL London hopefully will put on some themed nights, the new club in Soho, the Phoenix had a Bunny girl and Hugh Hefner night last week so that was fun.  I’m trying to get them to give me advanced warning, like the UGC does, so that I can advertise the events for them on the London blog as well.



Hiding In The Jazz Clubs And Promising Stories

August 20, 2009

Still slightly reeling from the after shock of the  article I wrote and the people’s strong reactions (yes it still rumbles on! but it had to be said!), I started to chase up new stories for both Virtually London (lite) and CNN.  I have this gift sometimes of being in the right place at the right time, not always, but just sometimes, and I was so lucky to catch one marvelous lady setting up her shop in SL London, who is a big name around lots of the grid.  I started chatting to her and the stuff she creates is just so good, anyways hopefully I will be writing the story up for next week’s London blog.   It was the same with a story I have lined up for CNN, I travelled over to a showcase place and saw the most beautiful sim I have ever seen in my SL Life, this really did knock my socks off!!  I looked at the man’s profile who built it and saw that he was on line and decided to IM him straight away.  What a gentleman!  he came over and gave me a guided tour and I can’t wait to start writing that one as well for CNN.  Back in SL London, Chelsea Manager Rails Bailey had sent out a note saying that he was building a Jazz club there, and I decided to put it on Virtually London (lite) today, but wanted some snaps of some dancers for the article.  I was all alone, but decided to put my evening dress on and head over to the popular Jazz clubs in SL to spy.  Those places are quite weird when you walk in them without an escort with you, not like the UGC where you can just go in and dance and amuse yourself, these places make you feel a bit like you are there waiting to be asked to dance, so after wandering around the outskirts of the dance floor of Bogart’s, I headed over to Phat Cat’s and found a seat right out of the way and watched the ladies gather just in the doorway waiting for the few men to turn up. 



It must be bad enough for the guys to come in as they all wish to look really cool in those places, but one man walked to the middle of the dance floor in his smart tux and put his hand up to click the couples dance animation on the ceiling, which was shaped like a couple of top hats and some sticks, and instead of just touching them he clicked to ‘sit’ and ended up being dragged up onto the ceiling.  I did feel sorry for him, but he did look funny and quickly got down, hoping no one would notice.


I saw Hibiscus come on line and asked her to join me, she got changed and came over and we had fun gossiping and listening to the great music in the club, I think those clubs appeal to a lot of people because you can get dressed up to the nines and also the music is classy and good to dance to with a partner.  I am hoping the one in SL London will be similar, they need a romantic looking venue where couples can go, the decor and music in Frank’s Place, Phat Cat’s and Bogart’s has stood the test of time and people keep coming back to each of them.



It was finally time to leave and we both went back to our apartments.  I had bought a couple of pictures at the showcase place and hung them on my wall, I had to alter some of my furniture to do it because of the prim count, so I got rid of a sofa that had some not very nice poseballs and just extended the plain seating around the edge, it looks ok though.   Well I have lots of writing to catch up on but it was nice tripping over some good stories to do.


Virtual Dynamite Reporting On Soho

August 16, 2009

Blonde oneI reach the end of the week with a bit of a ‘phew!!’   You would never guess that metaverse reporting could bring such mayhem and debate.  People’s feelings run high, even in virtual worlds, and it’s kinda nice that they feel so strongly that they defend their corners so well.   It was all over the new SL London sim, Soho!  a long awaited for opening, and my excitement of what was to be there and what sort of people would bring a different slant to this new area.  I go out and try to capture the mood of whatever is happening, good or bad, it’s no good having a blog newspaper that butters everyone up all the time even if things need to be sorted out, it’s not only boring, it’s unethical and false.  But I hit a few tender spots with people this week because I reported things the way I saw them and I stand by what I said without demeaning the the people involved in any way.  They are doing a great job, and as with all new things, teething problems will be sorted out and I’m sure they will make a great success of the sim.  Anyway if you want to read about my stick of dynamite virtual reporting, it’s at http://sllondon.blogspot.com/2009/08/soho-what-do-you-think.html.   At least it’s not about virtual swine flu!!!

I carried on going dancing with Hibiscus all week, the new blond  lady, yes Hib has gone blond and I see her and can’t get used to this new glam look.  She looks lovely with her bright blond hair, I think Soho may have had some hidden influence on her, that’s us in the picture above in the chim at the Underground Club!

I went back into Soho last night (with my tin hat on, deflecting bullets, right left and centre! only kidding, just some icy silences from some quarters, lol) to see the SL Def Leppard concert at the official opening of the sim.  It was a great evening and the sim reached 72 people which is quite amazing, I think Soho will be a very interesting place as the months unfold. 

Blonde two

A Griefer Pushes His Luck And Possessions Get Lost

August 12, 2009

Goodness knows what possesses some blokes, griefers that is, especially the pervy ones!  Well I suppose we do know, it’s the ability to try to shock, I suppose, because they are inadequate in some way and can’t form a normal real life relationship.    I’d had a bit of a problem the other day as my furniture from my office in SL Kensington had been returned to my inventory, not all of it, just eight pieces, the rest were missing completely!!  Of course the missing bits included the expensive chairs I had bought with the good poses!!  Apparently they had changed the group title for the sim and neighbours met a similar fate.  Poor Brie who lives next door is on holiday and had only just decorated her house before she left, but all her stuff is gone too, I’m not sure when she is back, but I hope she gets all her personal items returned!  I was a bit tired that evening, but couldn’t leave it as it was, so started to make the desks and bits that I could do.

Grief one

I noticed on the radar someone called Edward, who was heading my way, as I was busy building.  next thing this tiny jet black featureless figure ran into the office next to me.  I greeted him saying Hello Edward, but Pervy Ed just made a lewd suggestion, well you could see he was going to grief from the pathetic little av he had created.  With a sigh, I carried on building as Pervy Ed thought he would bash into me as he didn’t get the shocked response he was looking for.  I just ignored him as I had ‘movelock’ in play so his bumps and pushes were lost along with his lewd comments.  I did see him changing his av a bit, trying to put an attachment on, poor little devil couldn’t even do that right!!  He gave up then and vanished into the street.

Grief two

The next day I went to the Underground Club and who should walk through the door, but Pervy Ed, not with his dark little av this time, but with a normal looking male dressed av.  He had the cheek to stand in the doorway addressing everyone as to whether they could give him any free stuff, I spoke to him in front of the crowd and asked him if he had got fed up with griefing.  He didn’t even remember me, or made out he didn’t.  He IM’d me and I showed him a copy of what he had said to me the day before, he tried to laugh it off and didn’t answer when I asked him why he would do that to women.  I struck a chord though when I said he must be perverted, as he gave up talking then. 

That wasn’t the end of Pervy Ed, when I stood in my apartment yesterday he suddenly was flying around the building, I would imagine once again looking for lone females to insult and shock.  When he appeared at my window, as I was the only one in the buildings, I asked him if he wanted an abuse report this time, to which he just said ‘no’.  With that he seemed to fly off along my balcony and I have no idea if he was trying to get in, but he did, and found himself standing inside my front door.  ‘Get out’ I said and opened the door, he did get out and vanished without a word.  Poor Pervy Ed, I still have the transcript of what he said to me, he is pushing his luck playing around in the same area, but we will wait and see what he does next……..

Battle Of The Uncouth Giants Makes Them Both Losers

August 7, 2009

I pop into the meeting areas sometimes just to see what the discussion of the day is and when I arrived there was a nicely mannered fox trying to talk to a newbie.  As the fox spoke in ‘voice’ trying to tell the newbie, whose name was Laz, some useful tips on SL, the newbie met his kind comments with total abuse.  He kept crudely talking about sex inviting the fox and people all around him to take part in something I can’t repeat here.  From what I can gather, all the regulars there were doing abuse reports as I watched, so newbie Laz won’t be in SL for long.  He went over to the fox, who was deep in discussion with someone else and just stood completely on top of him so you could only see the fox’s tail. 


He continued running around insulting everyone and it’s so daft, everyone is used to this sort of behaviour from the odd newbie, nothing new about the ones who try to shock, people just think ‘another newbie has landed!!’  A newbie girl had arrived at the same time as Laz and she was just amazed at the way he was behaving, she even tried asking him nicely, but he was a lost cause.   Nothing strange about the appearance of a foul mouthed newbie you might think, well as I watched and listened I heard another voice in the area and the newbie girl asked who had the Scottish accent.  There the other person was, with a large female shape and a very masculine voice, he looked like something out of a Beryl Cook painting and wore a skimpy red outfit.  He grumbled something at the new girl, obviously not a friendly soul ether, then I saw another figure, this time a very nicely toned male av but with a little tiny kilt on to hide his modesty.  This one said nothing though.  Soon Laz and large Scottish ‘lady’ were staring at each other across their wide stomachs.


Laz, being Laz invited the large lady to do something unspeakable, then called him a Scottish w……..   Large Lady responded in voice calling him an English p…. and the curses flew between them.  Large Lady then took a swing at Laz who suddenly flew through the air landing about 30 feet away, back he trotted and the insults began again with Large Lady throwing punches right left and centre till he hit the spot and Laz once more hurtled through the air!


So it went on with each one trying to be nastier and using worse language than the other, and to be honest it got boring, all the people around started chatting amongst themselves.  One little guy, a cute rabbit with a machine gun had tried to calm Laz down in the beginning, but childish silly Laz was having none of it.  Suddenly Laz sort of disappeared, not sure if he went by himself or whether he finally got the Linden Boot!!