Script Madness And Funny Time To Open

We had all the lead up to the Soho sim being finished and after a look around over the weekend, we had a date that it would be open to all and would be an Adult sim only.  I thought that there would be a bit of a party and they said there was an official opening, but the time they gave was midnight SLT (PDT).  Now this meant it was actually opening at 8am GMT when I know the SL London sims are empty, except for a handful of people.  Not being put off I decided to go along and see how many people would turn up and to my total non surprise it was only half a dozen.  They let some fireworks off outside the club and it was quite pretty, but I felt a bit sorry that more people hadn’t been there for the countdown to the opening.  Builder Menolly had told me that the event was going on all day, and fair enough, I hope they got a lot more people going in after I left, but I think they should have had it in the GMT evening time when the sims are packed.  I know we have a certain amount of foreign visitors and residents who are on a different time zone, but the majority of SL London people do go into the sim in the GMT evening time so they would have attracted quite a crowd for the opening.  I have been told that there is a proper celebration on the 15th August, but no more details have been passed to me, same as usual, lol!!!. 

A script one

I love my apartment in Chelsea and as you know I have just decorated it again.  I bought some new dining chairs and thought I would have a sit down the other day.  Max the kitten was snoring on his back down the other end so I thought it best not to disturb him, although he disturbs every one else by snoring so loudly! Anyway, I sat on the chair and there it was, no nice pose, just an SL newbie sit.  I tried all my furniture and it was the same the poseballs were not working.  I tried opening the door and it refused to budge.  I did call Max the kitten then and he was out like a light, he wasn’t working either.  Only after talking to the other residents I realised that none of the scripts in Chelsea were working at all.  It’s surprising how you miss them!  It was not the Chelsea Manager Seany’s fault as he could do nothing about it, and apparently there had been a few requests to put it right but I suppose with so much going on over the rest of the London sims, it was put on a back burner.   Max had been asleep for three days and none of us could use our furniture, so I decided to take action, making a giant poster, I hung it from the outside of my building and logged off for the night.  Wonder of wonders! by the morning everything was working and Max was scampering around the floor looking for his breakfast.  Was it my little protest that worked? who knows, but it’s nice to be able to sit down without looking like a newbie and not having Max in a coma on the living room floor!!

A Script two


2 Responses to Script Madness And Funny Time To Open

  1. Drax Ember says:

    The poster was a marvelous idea! Next time put one out that says “Please give everyone Free Lindens”

    Do you think that might work?

  2. Ha ha, what a great idea Drax, give free Lindens, free clothes, hair and …… shoes!!! Might give it a try!!!

    J x

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