Crowd At CNN With Special Visitor

It had been a busy night last night, I was writing a couple of articles and editing some photos ready for the Trilogy blog and Virtually London (lite) and it was also the evening for the CNN meeting as well.  Just before that I had seen a group IM asking for someone to help with a couple of griefers over at the UGC, so I dashed over there to see what was happening, nosy as ever!!  I couldn’t take a picture as there was an av running about nude with a big attachment, but I arrived in time to see DJ Mike booting the guy out of the sim, he did come back once, but Mike booted him again and this time he stayed away!

I went over to the CNN meeting and met Hibiscus who was already there and Nicole the CNN reporter had already arrived as well. 



To my surprise there were over 20 people there with others still arriving.  I think Nicole was quite surprised and also she suddenly spotted one of the audience had a Linden tag.  It was Christa Linden who had come to sit in, she told Nicole she was part of the marketing group in the Linden Labs and she sat taking some pictures while she was there.  The meeting went ok with quite a few people asking bits and pieces and at the end when Nicole had gone I asked Christa if she had anything we could report on and she mentioned the SL conference coming up shortly.  Silly me, I forgot to ask her for one of her bears, it was only Drax asking me later if I had got a bear that made me think of it, I missed my chance there!   After the meeting I found myself a great little coffee bar in Chelsea to sit in and finish my writing and I managed to get it all done.




2 Responses to Crowd At CNN With Special Visitor

  1. Drax Ember says:

    It’s good to see a nice crowd attending the meetings. It seems to have fallen off lately. I wonder if part of that is due to the fact that it is summer and people are out and about doing other things.

  2. Hi Drax,
    I would imagine you are right about that, lots of people on holiday too, although maybe not too many people know of CNN’s existance in SL still, Nicole did mention at a previous meeting if any of us had ideas to promote them in-world. I thought of news boards like I have around SL London for Virtually London (lite), they could contact popular sims like SL London and ask them to put a few out. Plenty of cities in there like Paris and now there is a 3D Germany, I’m sure they would be interested.

    J x

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