Battle Of The Uncouth Giants Makes Them Both Losers

I pop into the meeting areas sometimes just to see what the discussion of the day is and when I arrived there was a nicely mannered fox trying to talk to a newbie.  As the fox spoke in ‘voice’ trying to tell the newbie, whose name was Laz, some useful tips on SL, the newbie met his kind comments with total abuse.  He kept crudely talking about sex inviting the fox and people all around him to take part in something I can’t repeat here.  From what I can gather, all the regulars there were doing abuse reports as I watched, so newbie Laz won’t be in SL for long.  He went over to the fox, who was deep in discussion with someone else and just stood completely on top of him so you could only see the fox’s tail. 


He continued running around insulting everyone and it’s so daft, everyone is used to this sort of behaviour from the odd newbie, nothing new about the ones who try to shock, people just think ‘another newbie has landed!!’  A newbie girl had arrived at the same time as Laz and she was just amazed at the way he was behaving, she even tried asking him nicely, but he was a lost cause.   Nothing strange about the appearance of a foul mouthed newbie you might think, well as I watched and listened I heard another voice in the area and the newbie girl asked who had the Scottish accent.  There the other person was, with a large female shape and a very masculine voice, he looked like something out of a Beryl Cook painting and wore a skimpy red outfit.  He grumbled something at the new girl, obviously not a friendly soul ether, then I saw another figure, this time a very nicely toned male av but with a little tiny kilt on to hide his modesty.  This one said nothing though.  Soon Laz and large Scottish ‘lady’ were staring at each other across their wide stomachs.


Laz, being Laz invited the large lady to do something unspeakable, then called him a Scottish w……..   Large Lady responded in voice calling him an English p…. and the curses flew between them.  Large Lady then took a swing at Laz who suddenly flew through the air landing about 30 feet away, back he trotted and the insults began again with Large Lady throwing punches right left and centre till he hit the spot and Laz once more hurtled through the air!


So it went on with each one trying to be nastier and using worse language than the other, and to be honest it got boring, all the people around started chatting amongst themselves.  One little guy, a cute rabbit with a machine gun had tried to calm Laz down in the beginning, but childish silly Laz was having none of it.  Suddenly Laz sort of disappeared, not sure if he went by himself or whether he finally got the Linden Boot!!



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