A Griefer Pushes His Luck And Possessions Get Lost

Goodness knows what possesses some blokes, griefers that is, especially the pervy ones!  Well I suppose we do know, it’s the ability to try to shock, I suppose, because they are inadequate in some way and can’t form a normal real life relationship.    I’d had a bit of a problem the other day as my furniture from my office in SL Kensington had been returned to my inventory, not all of it, just eight pieces, the rest were missing completely!!  Of course the missing bits included the expensive chairs I had bought with the good poses!!  Apparently they had changed the group title for the sim and neighbours met a similar fate.  Poor Brie who lives next door is on holiday and had only just decorated her house before she left, but all her stuff is gone too, I’m not sure when she is back, but I hope she gets all her personal items returned!  I was a bit tired that evening, but couldn’t leave it as it was, so started to make the desks and bits that I could do.

Grief one

I noticed on the radar someone called Edward, who was heading my way, as I was busy building.  next thing this tiny jet black featureless figure ran into the office next to me.  I greeted him saying Hello Edward, but Pervy Ed just made a lewd suggestion, well you could see he was going to grief from the pathetic little av he had created.  With a sigh, I carried on building as Pervy Ed thought he would bash into me as he didn’t get the shocked response he was looking for.  I just ignored him as I had ‘movelock’ in play so his bumps and pushes were lost along with his lewd comments.  I did see him changing his av a bit, trying to put an attachment on, poor little devil couldn’t even do that right!!  He gave up then and vanished into the street.

Grief two

The next day I went to the Underground Club and who should walk through the door, but Pervy Ed, not with his dark little av this time, but with a normal looking male dressed av.  He had the cheek to stand in the doorway addressing everyone as to whether they could give him any free stuff, I spoke to him in front of the crowd and asked him if he had got fed up with griefing.  He didn’t even remember me, or made out he didn’t.  He IM’d me and I showed him a copy of what he had said to me the day before, he tried to laugh it off and didn’t answer when I asked him why he would do that to women.  I struck a chord though when I said he must be perverted, as he gave up talking then. 

That wasn’t the end of Pervy Ed, when I stood in my apartment yesterday he suddenly was flying around the building, I would imagine once again looking for lone females to insult and shock.  When he appeared at my window, as I was the only one in the buildings, I asked him if he wanted an abuse report this time, to which he just said ‘no’.  With that he seemed to fly off along my balcony and I have no idea if he was trying to get in, but he did, and found himself standing inside my front door.  ‘Get out’ I said and opened the door, he did get out and vanished without a word.  Poor Pervy Ed, I still have the transcript of what he said to me, he is pushing his luck playing around in the same area, but we will wait and see what he does next……..


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