Virtual Dynamite Reporting On Soho

Blonde oneI reach the end of the week with a bit of a ‘phew!!’   You would never guess that metaverse reporting could bring such mayhem and debate.  People’s feelings run high, even in virtual worlds, and it’s kinda nice that they feel so strongly that they defend their corners so well.   It was all over the new SL London sim, Soho!  a long awaited for opening, and my excitement of what was to be there and what sort of people would bring a different slant to this new area.  I go out and try to capture the mood of whatever is happening, good or bad, it’s no good having a blog newspaper that butters everyone up all the time even if things need to be sorted out, it’s not only boring, it’s unethical and false.  But I hit a few tender spots with people this week because I reported things the way I saw them and I stand by what I said without demeaning the the people involved in any way.  They are doing a great job, and as with all new things, teething problems will be sorted out and I’m sure they will make a great success of the sim.  Anyway if you want to read about my stick of dynamite virtual reporting, it’s at   At least it’s not about virtual swine flu!!!

I carried on going dancing with Hibiscus all week, the new blond  lady, yes Hib has gone blond and I see her and can’t get used to this new glam look.  She looks lovely with her bright blond hair, I think Soho may have had some hidden influence on her, that’s us in the picture above in the chim at the Underground Club!

I went back into Soho last night (with my tin hat on, deflecting bullets, right left and centre! only kidding, just some icy silences from some quarters, lol) to see the SL Def Leppard concert at the official opening of the sim.  It was a great evening and the sim reached 72 people which is quite amazing, I think Soho will be a very interesting place as the months unfold. 

Blonde two


6 Responses to Virtual Dynamite Reporting On Soho

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    At least you can see my hair Janey, lol. Still have my camera ready!

  2. Hib I hope thats not a threat, you know about my sticky out ears problem, so cruel you are!!!!

  3. Drax Ember says:

    Spoke with Kraali and he definitely prefers brunettes!

  4. Oh no, I can’t tell Hibs that, not another broken heart for her!!!

  5. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Yes, well, I am not sure how trustworthy that Kraali is, I was a brunette when I met him. Blonde or brunette, we all have hearts, and mine is broken!! Sob!

  6. I think Kraali is one to move on to pastures new, he breaks their hearts and leaves ’em, what a rogue, so Hib you had a lucky escape!!!

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