Hiding In The Jazz Clubs And Promising Stories

Still slightly reeling from the after shock of the  article I wrote and the people’s strong reactions (yes it still rumbles on! but it had to be said!), I started to chase up new stories for both Virtually London (lite) and CNN.  I have this gift sometimes of being in the right place at the right time, not always, but just sometimes, and I was so lucky to catch one marvelous lady setting up her shop in SL London, who is a big name around lots of the grid.  I started chatting to her and the stuff she creates is just so good, anyways hopefully I will be writing the story up for next week’s London blog.   It was the same with a story I have lined up for CNN, I travelled over to a showcase place and saw the most beautiful sim I have ever seen in my SL Life, this really did knock my socks off!!  I looked at the man’s profile who built it and saw that he was on line and decided to IM him straight away.  What a gentleman!  he came over and gave me a guided tour and I can’t wait to start writing that one as well for CNN.  Back in SL London, Chelsea Manager Rails Bailey had sent out a note saying that he was building a Jazz club there, and I decided to put it on Virtually London (lite) today, but wanted some snaps of some dancers for the article.  I was all alone, but decided to put my evening dress on and head over to the popular Jazz clubs in SL to spy.  Those places are quite weird when you walk in them without an escort with you, not like the UGC where you can just go in and dance and amuse yourself, these places make you feel a bit like you are there waiting to be asked to dance, so after wandering around the outskirts of the dance floor of Bogart’s, I headed over to Phat Cat’s and found a seat right out of the way and watched the ladies gather just in the doorway waiting for the few men to turn up. 



It must be bad enough for the guys to come in as they all wish to look really cool in those places, but one man walked to the middle of the dance floor in his smart tux and put his hand up to click the couples dance animation on the ceiling, which was shaped like a couple of top hats and some sticks, and instead of just touching them he clicked to ‘sit’ and ended up being dragged up onto the ceiling.  I did feel sorry for him, but he did look funny and quickly got down, hoping no one would notice.


I saw Hibiscus come on line and asked her to join me, she got changed and came over and we had fun gossiping and listening to the great music in the club, I think those clubs appeal to a lot of people because you can get dressed up to the nines and also the music is classy and good to dance to with a partner.  I am hoping the one in SL London will be similar, they need a romantic looking venue where couples can go, the decor and music in Frank’s Place, Phat Cat’s and Bogart’s has stood the test of time and people keep coming back to each of them.



It was finally time to leave and we both went back to our apartments.  I had bought a couple of pictures at the showcase place and hung them on my wall, I had to alter some of my furniture to do it because of the prim count, so I got rid of a sofa that had some not very nice poseballs and just extended the plain seating around the edge, it looks ok though.   Well I have lots of writing to catch up on but it was nice tripping over some good stories to do.



4 Responses to Hiding In The Jazz Clubs And Promising Stories

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    We have a lot to look forward to, Janey. Can’t wait to read your articles.
    I’m also looking forward to the new jazz club in Chelsea. As you know I love getting all glammed up and going to these places, so it will be great having one near home. I think it will be so nice having a place like Frank’s or Phat Cats or Bogart’s, with soft lighting (always flattering) and elegant decor. I think I will give up writing and spend all my time dancing!

  2. Yes you are right, lots to look forward to!! I can’t wait to read your articles either!!! The Jazz club is a lovely idea, I hope it sets the mood for everyone!!

  3. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    I can’t wait to read my articles, either.

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