Dressing For The House of Horrors!!

I had advertised that there was to be a theme night in the Underground Club on Saturday, but forgot all about it as I was wandering around the shops.  I stopped off at Pixel Dolls to pick up some lovely outfits they have in their sale.  Then I heard from our new reporter for Virtually London (lite), Ed Follet, and he said about covering the event, so I suddenly remembered and had to get something to wear quickly.  Luckily the shop I was in had skins and eyes for sale as well as clothes and they were only 10 Lindens per item.  I’m not really very good at experimenting with skins and things but decided to go for a grey corpse like skin with magenta coloured eyes and it was a lot of fun putting it on.

A Hous one

a House two

Hibiscus came on line and she too searched her inventory and found a dark skin with a similar look, so I met her down at the club and the place was packed out with people.  They had decorated it like a graveyard and the guy dancing next to me had a severed head in his hand!  There were all sorts of ghouls and spirits and people were having a lovely time.  Trouble was that I was totally freezing up all the time and when I tried to take photos I kept crashing, but there were over 40 people in the club so it was a great success.  The other clubs in SL London hopefully will put on some themed nights, the new club in Soho, the Phoenix had a Bunny girl and Hugh Hefner night last week so that was fun.  I’m trying to get them to give me advanced warning, like the UGC does, so that I can advertise the events for them on the London blog as well.




6 Responses to Dressing For The House of Horrors!!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    I don’t think we’ve ever looked better!

  2. You looked a lot better in your wedding dress, ask Kraali!!

  3. Ed follet says:

    Looked to me like you both should have been at a chimney sweeps ball, hehe.

  4. Yes you are right Ed!! looks like we have been up the chimney!!

  5. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    No, Janey, the wedding dress didn’t work (sob!)

  6. Oooh sorry to remind you Hib, forgot you are still broken hearted, that Kraali is a bad one!!

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