From Cowboys to Jazz Clubs

I had been over to the cowboy role-playing sim ‘Cripple Creek’ with friend Drax Ember, it was a lot of fun finding our way around and we will go back once we have time to explore some more.  It soon became apparent that I would need more than the one Victorian outfit that I own as it is not very suitable for the sim.

Creek Main

I started off with my Arabian horse as well, but found his saddle too decorative, so switched to my other black horse Del, which is the same as Drax’s and we had a nice ride.  Drax didn’t have a proper outfit either, but got a nice one in the sim, along with cowboy boots!!  I went shopping the next day to look for outfits and some new hair as well.  I searched all over the grid till I found the up-swept hair that I liked then I searched for clothes and found some outfits that are just right for the sim.  Not too sure when we will go back, but at least I am ready!!

I wanted to do a story for CNN but hadn’t a clue what to write, then I remembered the new SL Chelsea Jazz club is opening tomorrow, so I thought I would scout around and see just how popular the other Jazz clubs are.  I put my posh frock on and headed over to Sweethearts Jazz Club, only to find that I couldn’t even walk, the sim was packed, 71 people and they were still coming in.  I took some photos and moved on, going to Frank’s Place and then Phat Cat’s Jazz club. Both of those had their fair share of avs too, so I’m hoping that SL Chelsea does the same. See for the story.   I ended up back at the Underground club in SL Knightsbridge later on for a bit of fun with Hibiscus, then it was time to call it a night and log off.

J One



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