CNN Repoter Nicole’s Dance And Travelling By Helicopter!

It must be pretty hard for the CNN reporters Nicole Saidi and Henry Hanks to take the in-world meetings seriously sometimes.  After all they are not really SL’ers as such, they just come in as part of their job, so perhaps the lunacy of the avatars must be a bit strange for them at times.  Nicole took the Tuesday meeting this week and there were a few of the regulars there to hear about articles that have been reported on and what is of interest for the next few days.  As we talked we were joined by a couple of new people who did not sit down with the rest of us, but hovered overhead.  As Nicole tried to start the meeting one of them came down and started to dance in front of her and I have no idea what Nicole must have thought, more nutter avatars no doubt!!  Well she surprised me, she went right along with it, while I sat there thinking how rude the person was to do this to her, she said she would dance as well and invited any of us to join in.  We just watched, but it was so funny to see Nicole dancing around and even doing the splits at one stage.  I questioned the dancing man a bit, but he wasn’t saying much, they did give us a video link to watch, but it may have been better if they had just come along to the meeting to tell us what they wanted instead of griefing poor Nicole.  Well I say poor Nicole, she did really well and wasn’t going to be put off.  I expect when she logged off back into the real world she thought to herself ‘what the hell was all that about’  I wonder too as it happens!!



In SL Chelsea where I have my apartment, the Jazz Club across the road has a helicopter on the roof that anyone can fly if they want to.  I took it out the other day and was not very good with it.  I tried it again this morning and found I could control it a lot better.



Like SL Chelsea manager Rails Bailey says, (who put the copter there), it’s a quick way of getting around the sims, and it is.  Ok you still have the sim crossings to contend with, the out of control bit where you are pulled across the new sim and then dragged back before proceeding, but you can safely cross with the copter and it’s a lot of fun.   I even got good and landed it on the top of my apartment block before docking it back down on the Jazz Club landing area.



I wonder if I can talk Hibiscus into coming for a spin in it with me, I know how much she loves being a passenger in my car, so I expect she will jump at the chance to fly with me!!



I came back down through the Jazz Club and was surprised to see they have taken up the nice red carpet that they had down.  I wonder why, perhaps there were problems, but it’s a shame as it was dead posh before.  It will be nice when they get their times sorted out as well, as it’s set in SL London, all us Londoners are missing out so far, as all the Jazz Club sessions seem to be set in the middle of the night for us.  If they left some great music playing like the romantic stuff by Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra in between the dj events, I’m sure people would still go along for a dance whatever time of day or night.  It’s a nice venue and brand new so I hope they do well!!


2 Responses to CNN Repoter Nicole’s Dance And Travelling By Helicopter!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    The lunacy of some avatars is more than I can understand sometimes, too, so poor Nicole must have had quite an experience.
    And I think “jump” is the appropriate word I would use in connection with a helicopter ride, but not quite in the way you intended!

  2. Aww Hib you know you can wear a parachute if you like, but I’m sure you will find the ride really good, although sim crossings a bit dodgy!!!

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