Jazz Club Blues and a Coming Home to a Little Grief

Hibiscus told the story on her blog about the ladies who wait at the Jazz clubs in SL in the hopes of picking up a date for the night by approaching the men, even if the man has arrived with a partner.  I had mentioned to Hib that I would like to go and see for myself what goes on.  I had gone before to watch and I like sitting listening to the music in the clubs anyway.  I donned my black evening dress and put my hair up then teleported over to the club.

a little grief arriving at club

As I stood waiting for things to rez I moved off a few feet to one side and was aware of a man following me.  He stopped close by and I stuck the ‘Busy’ sign above my head, not wanting to talk to him.  He stood there and stood there and I thought he must go away in a minute.  Anyway another girl came over to him and said hello and he responded to her.  She asked him where he came from and there was a long gap before he said Reunion Island, there was another gap and she said I’m from the UK, with that she gave up and went off.  He stood there for a while longer and eventually tp’d out too.  He didn’t seem to be interested in being picked up by her so I did wonder why he had come to the club, perhaps some men don’t like girls making the first contact.

a little grief girl chatting

I went up the stairs into the club and put my music on, it was nice, people were dancing and the music was good, I walked around the edge till I found a seat right over to one side, out of the way of the group of people who stood by the door.  Trouble was that I was out of range for most of the chat going on.  I did see one girl who had a really funny little avatar, she looked like a naughty St Trinians schoolgirl in an evening dress, she had a cigarette holder and puffed away, it was a great smoking animation and she stood there until one of the men came over and asked her to dance.  Still with her cigarette in hand she took the floor and was having a lovely time.

a little grief smoker girl

a little grief smoker girl dance

The worst thing was I crashed after a while and when I logged on again I was standing.  I decided to go to the couches nearer to the group of people by the door, but still well out of the way,  so I could hear what was going on.  I hastily sat down and then I got a message from one of the men across the way to say hello.  I told him that I was just watching the dancing and enjoying the music but he wanted to chat.  He was nice, his profile said he was Russian and he told me he had written a book so I asked him about that.  I thought this is no good, as I can’t really just sit and watch and chat, he was funny though, and I don’t think he had written anything.  He turned out to be from Essex and admitted he only liked Russian Vodka and that made me laugh.  I said my goodbyes and headed off for my Virtual London apartment.

a little grief sitting in club

a little grief back to flat

I noticed on my ‘people counter’ when I got back that an avatar had been around the apartment several times and the blinds kept being closed.  So when I spotted the same name on my radar I expected a little griefing and I wasn’t wrong.  In she came (he or she, probably a six foot Navi in real life!), a small child av with attitude.  I actually got the SL Police on the job, it was hilarious, but you will have to wait to read about it in Virtually London (lite) later this week!!

a little Grief Seany

a little Grief Griefer


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