A Hedge, A Shrub And A Thorn!

I wandered over to the sandbox in Hyde Park Yesterday, I had this yearning to build something, although I wasn’t too sure what, I find it quite relaxing messing around with prims.  While I stood there still deciding, a tall gentleman came and stood near, and he had a tee-shirt on that could only invite comment.  Written on the front of the tee-shirt in big bold letters was the word ‘Pervert’.  He said hello and I asked him about the tee shirt, he said he didn’t believe in Lindens so he must have picked it up for free.  His name was Hedge and he asked about how far people could go in the pg sim before they get thrown out with bad language etc.  In spite of his tee-shirt I got he impression that, he did, in fact, have a good sense of humour and would wear that to invite conversation.  After all a real pervert wouldn’t exactly advertise the fact would he?  We were joined by Hibiscus who entered into the lively chat and puns were exchanged right left and centre, I was very boring and on a bit of a roll with them.  Hedge thought he might like to get more involved with us and decided that all three of us should get married.  I decided this was a bad idea as I thought I might get left with the washing and ironing part of the partnership.  Hib had other ideas and began to put her wedding dress on.

Hedge veil

Hedge skirt

In no time at all Hibiscus was kitted out in all the wedding gear!

Hedge three of us

It seemed like a match made in the Garden of Eden,  a Hedge and a Hibiscus, a union of shrubs, I felt like a thorn in the side of this ‘would be’ romance and decided that a three way wedding was not for me, who would do the dusting and vacuuming? how would we decide who is doing the washing up? it just wouldn’t work!

Hedge meback

Poor Hedge decided, in the end, that this wedding was not for him, Hib has another broken heart and I am wondering if she can get a refund on her wedding dress, perhaps we could buy Hedge a new shirt without ‘that’ word written on it!!!


5 Responses to A Hedge, A Shrub And A Thorn!

  1. hibiscushastings says:

    I’m just destined to wander through SL alone, no one to share it with (sob). And I have to listen to all those puns, too!
    I don’t think I could get a refund on the dress, though, it was a freebie and has been well worn, too.

  2. I bet you are really bushed, all that stress, think you ought to branch out a bit and buy another wedding dress, take a leaf out of my book and look for the next opportunity, you never know SL might plant a new man for you soon, another budding relationship!!

  3. hibiscushastings says:

    Anything to get away from those terrible puns!

  4. Drax Ember says:

    This story should have been posted on “Our Virtual Tree-logy”

  5. Hib will be after you for the pun, lol!!! I didn’t grass on you! honest I didn’t!!

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