Filmstars and Fashions but my Office is Best!

I just haven’t had time to keep up with my blog as well as our other Trilogy site this week, the Virtual London Fashion Week has involved so much work and if it wasn’t for Hibiscus taking a great big load of the articles, and doing an excellent job, not only with the write ups, but also with the outstanding photos, I don’t know where I would be.  Also a big thanks to Ed (co writer Ed Follet) for breaking the monotony of the Fashion articles with some great London stories and photos too.  It has been really exciting this week though, the fantastic Debs Regent has pulled off a real coup, she has managed the impossible, to bring some real top designers from the real London Fashion Week, to take part in Virtual London Fashion Week, and she let me break the news, big thank you Debs!!  So far we have Savannah and Sienna Miller (also film actresses) with their designer company ‘twenty8twelve’ and another Haute Couture designer Maria Grachvogel, plus there may be more to come.  Debs is the first person ever to have talked real fashion designers into using Second Life to show their collections.   I also had the ‘Peace for One Day’ to cover Monday, so it’s such a busy week. 

Off 1

In the meantime SL Kensington  manager Seany and SL Builder TD told me that they had to re-build the house we had as an office in Kensington, so I cleared all the desks and stuff out.  However, chatting to TD, he suggested that our old office is going spare, as they had decided not to take out the inside of the building now.  It was lovely, Me Hib, Ed and Pixi (hurry back Pixi – missing you!!) could go back to our proper office which we really felt happy in.  So I went over and set it all up, trouble is I have to make some modern desks as these look wrong, but will get around to that when I get more time.

Off 2

Off 3

Looking forward to seeing what will happen with the last night of the Fashion shows and hoping SL is kind to me and doesn’t leave me non-rezzed and frozen out in the cold, I’m sure I can depend on my two intrepid reporters to cover me though, thanks Hib and Ed!!


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