From No Trousers to Clive and Pink’s Dream

I’d tried to distance myself from SL London a bit yesterday, as I’d written so much about all the events there over the last week, so I went off to explore.  I met a lovely little witch called Cerise earlier in the day and she brightened things up for me as we chatted and she showed me her swamp, I’ll go back and visit her she is a great little character.  I did finally end up back in SL London last night and went over to Knightsbridge only to be accosted by a crazy newbie with purple hair.  As soon as he got close to me he took off his top and trousers and stood there like an idiot, so I hit vanish and disappeared.  He went off, but I decided to accost him, so I followed him about asking him what he was doing and telling him to put some clothes on, explaining that no one was shocked and everyone knows that only newbies take off their clothes.  He turned on the defensive as you’d expect and he told me he had only come into SL because of being killed off in another game, I told him to look for Soho and he could wander around all he liked there in the nude, he disappeared never to be seen again!

Cl 1

Further up the road I could see Clive and Pink chatting outside the club so I went over to say hello and it was evident that there was nothing going on in the club as there was no dj.  We were joined by Hibiscus and Ed, and Pink was telling us about how Clive has made her a beautiful place to live.  Clive started making his own furniture when he lived in the apartment above me a long time ago, and even then he was making some really nice stuff, he clearly is a natural at building and also a very clever designer.  Clive and Pink invited us over to see their sim and we all went over for a look around.

cl 2

cl 3

 cl 4

 Clive had a speedboat harboured in the little cove and we wandered over to the garden he had made for Pink, but this was only the beginning, everything was so elegant and well planned.  Clive had said the house was big and this was indeed a mansion.  I was stunned at the layout, which you would only see in magazines in real life, which featured very rich people’s properties where they have designers advising them. 

cl 5

cl 6

cl 7

Clive and Pink had a small cinema off of the lounge and upstairs was nicely laid out with an open plan bedroom leading down to the bathroom with a  jacuzzi,  you could fill the jacuzzi with water by touching the tap, so clever!!  They even have their own club for those great parties they will have in the future, it was a total wow!!

cl 10

cl 11

cl 12

Outside of the mansion, Clive took us on a tour of the grounds, he had a network of caves with a giant fishtank  and coming out into the open he had little places where you could stop and relax including a small Buddhist temple to meditate.  Lots of lovely  little coves and even a volcano were included in the extensive landscape, Clive had levelled the land himself and landscaped the entire sim.

cl 13

cl 14

The mountain region was really something, with a fantastic view over the rest of the islands and finally Clive took me for a spin in the helicopter, which was just amazing and yes, he build that too!!  Thank you for showing us around Clive and Pink, you have the most magnificent home I have ever seen in SL, it’s a special place for two special people!!


4 Responses to From No Trousers to Clive and Pink’s Dream

  1. Drax Ember says:

    That looks like a wonderful island paradise that Clive has created!!!

  2. It is, and I would say it would be hard to find anything in SL better, it was lovely of Clive and Pink to show us their home!!

  3. hibiscushastings says:

    What an amazing place! Unfortunately I had to leave and missed most of the tour. Best wishes to you, Clive and Pink, I hope you will have many happy times there.

  4. Pink Bachem says:

    Thanks for your nice comments it is a wonderful place and clive has done so well .:)

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