A Decision about Virtually London (lite)


I decided on something last night that would change things for me and Hibiscus and Ed too.  We had been working really hard to cover Virtual London Fashion Week, even putting stuff on iheartsl and CNN as well as Virtually London (lite) to promote it all.  It has been a lovely event, but with so much writing up and editing photos it’s been completely manic for me. Hib has written her socks off too, to make our little blog pretty popular, and Ed has given us some stuff for the non-fashion people to read.   I even announced the fact that a couple of real life designers were coming into the show and that some or our very talented SL designers were making the outfits for the virtual catwalks.  There is an event in SL Kensington tonight for Best in Show in which some of these designer outfits will again take to the virtual stage.   

I had been planning on an article featuring the ladies who made the copies of the real life designer outfits, as I wanted an insight into how they felt about such an unusual task.  It was then that one of the SL designers came back questioning why I was able to write about the show when the exclusive had been given to another magazine.  I knew nothing of this, but the designer had been given the job to contact the magazine and get them to cover the event.  When I enquired, I was told that we wouldn’t want to upset the magazine, (who’d agreed to be sponsors if they could have the exclusive.), by writing about it.  Well it has been such a long week, we worked very hard, only to be cast aside for the big night, all so that the magazine, who will write about it for a couple of days at the most, (and will not keep a daily update of Virtual London news for the rest of the year), can supply their sponsorship. This isn’t a magazine about real life btw, they publish in real life, but it’s only about SL. 

It was then that I made the decision to discontinue Virtually London (lite), which is an awful shame, as we have lots of really good and loyal readers and I have always enjoyed telling the London stories as they are such a great community.  At the end of the day it had been exhausting, but fun to run the blog, but you can only assess how well thought of you are by how much you are included in the big scheme of things, and a decision had to be made about the future.  We have our other blog ‘Our Virtual Trilogy’ which is really enjoyable as it covers all of the grid and has quite a following already.  Hibiscus, Pixi, Ed and I share this blog and we will concentrate on that, bringing some London stories into it now and again anyway.  I suppose I am explaining what actually happened on here because I don’t want people to speculate, we had done our very best to the satisfaction of our readers, many of whom are really good friends, and I want them to know why the blog has stopped being published.


8 Responses to A Decision about Virtually London (lite)

  1. Drax Ember says:

    This is a huge loss for everyone who enjoys the London sims! It’s difficult to understand why the London Lite blog was treated with such disrespect? I certainly hope it wasn’t intentional, as you, Hibiscus and Ed have gone beyond the call of duty to cover the happenings there.

    Thank you to all three of you for all the hard work and countless hours you have spent trying promote the good things that are happening in the London sims! It won’t be the same without London Lite!!!

  2. Thank you Drax! I am very sad about this too, but if someone disregards their usual publicist without a thought even to inform them that they have been discounted, there isn’t a lot of choice for the future, I don’t make rash decisions and I don’t get angry (well not always!), I weighed up how much work we had done and thought that nothing would change if we carried on. As someone once said to me ‘the only reward for hard work is more work’ (in this case without any recognition.)

    Janey x

  3. Awww, that such a shame J – a shmae you’ve left, but a shame they didn’t tell you about their plans in advance as that can’t have been nice to find out like that.

    Well they’ll lose an amazing team, matey – you powered that blog like no one else could!

  4. Aww thanks Head, I am still going to be around London, but this time enjoying myself, it was getting far too much work and not enough play!! I can step back now and write about the things I want to as well, which will be really nice! :))

  5. Natok Dryke says:

    its really a shame how they treated you guys and i seriously hope they gonna notice soon their lost!! however i hope to read a bit more here and on trilogy then when you got some more time now 🙂

  6. Hi Natok,

    Thanks for your comments, yes I am hoping for more time to update this blog, and the Trilogy blog too, which is fun to write!!

    Janey 🙂

  7. Brie Janick says:

    This is big loss for London and you will all be missed but friendships will last a life time and i consder janey,Hibs and my newest friend Ed a great team and taleneted writers who have so much to offer . I will be seeing you guys soon so we can shake it at the UGC
    Lots of Love your friend

  8. Thank you so much Brie!! you and Seany, and all the gang mean so much to me!! and I am looking forward to many good times in Virtual London for a long time to come and I am privileged to have you as best friends!!!

    Janey xx

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