New Beginnings and What Fun!

It was the second time I had cleared my apartment out, meaning to leave the Chelsea sim, the first time after I had been taking the micky out of the Daily Mail reporter after he was making out he was Peter Mandleson in Virtual London, when I had told him his fortune!  That didn’t go down too well, so I had packed up then, only to return later, but this time it is for good and Hibiscus too is leaving the Chelsea sim.  Not that we won’t go back there for a wander around, it was always one of my favourite places, but it appears to be a ghost town at the moment, they put the rents up from 600 Lindens to 1600 Lindens a week and it’s not surprising people just moved out.  Also the sim is in bad repair at the moment and I’m sure Seany, TD and the others can make it beautiful again.

Empty 1

I went over to the Kensington sim to clear the office out, after all Virtually London (lite) is no more, and it’s sad but when things end, but you need to remove any trace so you can start anew!  TD Reinard has been doing lots of building in Kensington and I was absolutely stunned at how lovely it is, right down to the road markings and street furniture, and the buildings are to die for, it is looking so much like the real thing it’s just amazing.

empty 3

I took myself off shopping after going into Kensington and wanted to see if I could buy a blue and gold macaw that I had seen when I had been talking to lovely Cerise the little green witch, when she was showing me around her home.  There was one flying around and he really looked good.  I found the sim that sells them and went over.  Drax joined me and we had a long chat about what had gone on, I can always rely on him to be level headed about everything and he gives me good advice, so it was nice to talk about stuff.  I tried to buy the parrot, but SL was playing up and I couldn’t get the transaction to go through, so I will go back again later.

empty 2

Kensington had been playing on my mind because it looks and feels so nice there, so I wandered back over, I started looking at the shops and thought that both Hibiscus and I needed a base in SL London (after leaving the apartments) as lots of our friends are there too, and we love the Underground Club.  Also we needed somewhere where we can get together as our little reporter team with friends Ed and Pixi, so it would be a base for them too.  Thats when I started looking at the shops and realised we could afford one in Kensington.  Hibiscus was on line so I called her over and we both really liked a corner shop, which comes with another floor as well.  There are only 30 prims, but I can do quite a lot with that, so we decided to rent it.  I always fancied having a shop, we can keep everyone informed about Our Virtual Trilogy news and if Ed wants to, he can sell some stuff there later that he makes.  Who knows I might make some things to sell too, no idea what, but it’s something to think about. 

empty 4

empty 5

I always have believed that things happen for a reason and that if things finish it’s an exciting opportunity to start something new, new beginnings!  I am sad that the Virtually London (lite) blog is over and I can look back on it with great affection,  as I loved writing it, but who knows what the future holds, I will certainly enjoy whatever SL throws at me, so stick with me and find out what happens next………………


2 Responses to New Beginnings and What Fun!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    30 prims????? Your shoes use more than that!!!


  2. Lol yes you are right it’s been a real challenge, me and Hib have been shopping this afternoon, but it’s fun!!!

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