Soho Is Gone!


“We regret at due to the stringent way that Age Verification is enforced in Second Life, that running Soho as an adult sim has become no longer viable. With regret, we have decided not to renew the Soho sim as part of the estate.  We ask that you contact management with any questions.  Until the tier payment comes due, we will open the sim up for everyone.  Thank you for your understanding. – London Team”

And there it is, how quickly things change in SL, there had been lots of hard work, lots of passion put into building Soho in SL London, we all waited eagerly for the opening of this most unusual sim and were given a preview just before it opened.  It’s very sad for all concerned and there were some nice buildings there.  Maybe people weren’t as eager for the sex side of things as was anticipated, but then it needed other stuff going on to draw people in and more publicity, it’s very hard though with a new sim, getting regular traffic and I’m sure it would have grown gradually.  I always thought that as Soho was seemingly only about the Phoenix Club, that they could have built it into the corner of an existing sim, one that has Mature rating, as the rest of Soho seemed empty. 

I wondered back over to Chelsea where I had my lovely apartment and looked in at the Jazz club, which had closed a few days before.  It looks like they opened the doors again and there is piped music going on, surely this would be a great place to concentrate on after the closing of the Phoenix, people love romantic places, but who am I to say!!

soh 2

 Oh well, onwards and upwards! lets hope some happier news is waiting just around the corner!!


4 Responses to Soho Is Gone!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    I hope that things settle a bit. The sims have such wonderful potential! I’m glad that the UGC has remained stable. It provides a nice place to go to meet people in a casual atmosphere. No pressure, just fun!

  2. It seems that the UGC, Mayhem Club and Coach and Horses pub all have the magic formula, so people have a good choice of places to go still!! It seems that the age verification thing in Soho was a problem, as some of the information people gave Linden Labs to verify wasn’t accepted, at least the other clubs wouldn’t have that problem!

    J x

  3. Candi T says:

    It’s unfortunately been a month of ever decreasing activity in Phoenix with the most traffic in that past month being on my last shift. It is a shame. The employees and manager of the Phoenix did their best but with no traffic and no support from the sim manager and owners (on account of their being no advertising by them) it had only one conclusion.

  4. Hi Candi T

    Thank you for your comments, it’s interesting to hear from someone who worked there and I’m sorry that it all came to an end like it did too. You are right, without traffic there was nothing the staff could do to keep things going, and it’s a tribute to the Phoenix staff that they really tried to carry on.

    Best Wishes

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