Victoriana, Bewitching Party, CNN Meet and Wetherbys

There has been lots going on and I have been doing a great deal of writing, it’s things that grab me so it’s been enjoyable.  Hibiscus has rented her own place in the Victoriana sim.  It’s just around the corner from friend Boye Jervil’s  wonderful gallery so she has a good neighbour.  I went over to have a look at Hib’s new house and I put on a Victorian outfit that I had got in the mad scramble when one of the shops there had given away their merchandise for free.  After being nearly trampled to death I got quite a few outfits and  there are a few nice ones.  I must admit to feeling a bit odd dressed in these heavy skirts and high necks, Victorian times aren’t really a period I would have picked, I like Regency stuff best, but the Victorian age is very popular in SL.

Vi 1

We are steaming ahead to Halloween and there are a lot of events and parties so I thought I would go over to Mayfair, putting on my best witche’s outfit, and join in the fun at the Garden Cafe. They had gone to a lot of trouble with the decorations and the place looked really good.  It was a great night and everyone was really having a good time.

vi 2

vi 3

I wrote about the party and put it on Virtually London (lite) and also decided to put it on CNN, with a little bit here and there added, as they are after Halloween stories this week.  I’d already put about the Burning Man festival on CNN this week,  as I had been lucky enough to visit the sim just as they set fire to the effigy.  I’d had no idea what it was all about until SL had made such a big event out of it. 

Burn 1

Then yesterday I saw in notices that a really beautiful clothes store, Wetherbys, had closed down.  It had looked like one of SL’s successes and it was a shock to hear the news.  As the afternoon went on, the lady who owns the store released some information as to why the store had gone.  It seemed that her ex-boyfriend had acquired the land she rented off  the sim owner and then deleted the entire shop, along with some other shops at different locations too.  She had paid her rent in time as well, so this should not have happened.  It was literally 30 minutes before I was due at the CNN meeting, but I decided to quickly write up the story, sort out the one picture I had of me and Hibs in the store (adding a picture of the pink notegiver box that Mrs Wetherby had sent around to everyone) and get it uploaded, which I managed with 4 minutes to spare before I went over to CNN Island to meet CNN Producer Nicole and the other ireporters. (see Store Owner Seeks Protection for Tenants).  The Wetherby group plan to hold protests in SL about tenant’s rights and good luck to them, in my opinion I think the sim owner should have a look at the events again and consider if she has acted unfairly, maybe she only had one side of the story from a man who appears to seek vengeance and perhaps this is a warning too about SL relationships.  As far as your own business is concerned in SL maybe it’s a good idea to make sure you protect all your own assets and are the key owner to the land and merchandise, but unless you can afford a whole sim, this is not easy, as people who own just a parcel on a sim are not really the owners at all, they just rent it at the end of the day.



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